How to Make Your Music Tracks Fatter – Thickify Plugin Review (RPS)

You’ve heard it again and again. “Music sounds better (warmer, thicker, fatter, etc.) when summed through analog gear.” The reason? Analog devices add saturation, harmonic distortion, and compression to your sound. The constant shaping of the signal by the tube amps, pre-amps, compressors, and EQs, adds that certain magic to the sound – giving it […]


Should you buy a USB or XLR microphone? (With Sound Test)

USB microphones are really popular these days, especially when everyone seems to be a creator. Whether you create content or run live streams, you create a better experience for your listeners when you sound better. I don’t understand people who say they want to do good for their audience, yet proceed to annoy their audience […]

yellowed keyboard keys

How to Restore Your Yellowed Plastic Keyboard Keys

In 2016, I made a career shift from being a full-time music producer to spending more time on digital marketing. Despite that, I still produce music. It’s just that I usually work outside the studio these days. Wherever I worked, I would have a MIDI controller keyboard with me. Anytime I needed a break from […]


Nektar SE49 MIDI Controller Review – Why Beginners Should Buy This

MIDI Controllers can be expensive, turning beginners away from music production. That said, many times, even seasoned music producers don’t use every function available on a MIDI controller. Lucky for beginners, we have MIDI controllers like the Nektar SE49.  The SE49 makes an inexpensive MIDI controller for beginners, without the fluff and only the essentials. […]

Zoom f2-bt review

Zoom F2 Field Recorder Review – Impressive 32-bit float audio!

In the past years, field recording tech has more or less been around the same. Most of the technological advancements have been around improving mic pre-amps, digital functions, microphones, and multitracking. But with the arrival of 32-bit float audio recorders, changes everything in field audio recording. What’s 32-bit float recording? With 32-bit float, forget about […]


Zoom PodTrak P8 Review – A tough fight against the RODECaster Pro

A podcasting mixer (mixer made for podcasters), functions a little differently from usual digital audio mixers. I put my hands on the  recently. It’s a multitrack podcast recorder, mixer, and audio interface. Watch my review video below:  In this post, I’ll be sharing my thoughts about the PodTrak P8 from the standpoint of a music […]


Which should come first? EQ or compression?

There’s no doubt about it; compression and EQ are absolutely essential tools for any audio engineer. Learning how to use each of them correctly is crucial, but learning how to use them together is just as important. Why? Simply because switching the order of the two can produce drastically different results. On top of that, […]

DAW Unable to Detect MIDI Controller on Windows? Try This

Updated: 5th August 2021 Over the past few months, I’ve been trying lots of MIDI controllers on my Windows computer. Then last week, when I tried using a new MIDI controller, the Korg microkey2 Air, it didn’t work on my computer. My DAW, Cubase couldn’t detect the MIDI controller as an input. Even Windows wasn’t […]