MIDI Quantization Explained – Audio Mentor

What is quantization? You can find the quantizing option in most DAWs like Ableton Live, Cubase, Logic X, etc. Imagine you record a MIDI drum pattern into your DAW. Because we’re humans, you’ll probably have some timing mistakes while hammering down on your MIDI controller. This is where quantization comes to save your recording. With […]

Getting Started : How To Tune A Guitar

We’re going to start of with tuning your guitar in Standard Tuning which is probably what you’re used to. First off you’re going to need to know the keys of each string, they are as shown below. E———————Thickest string A——————— D——————— G——————— B——————— E———————Thinnest string Committing this to your memory is essential as you might […]

Getting Started : Supporting Your Local Music Scene

I’ve been neglected the Getting Started series for a while but now I’m back! A lot of times here in Malaysia I’ve been asked about our local scene. “How is the local scene here?” “Are local musicians any good?” “Hmm..I haven’t heard of them” “Why don’t we just hire Filipinos and be done with it?” No offence […]

How Not To Piss Off Your Bandmates

Being in a band isn’t always sunshine and daisies. Sometimes bandmates can make life really hard for the rest of us, here’s how to help make sure you’re not one of those bandmates 1. Do not come for band practice to learn the songs. If the band has agreed on practicing or performing certain songs, […]

5 Tips To Help You Soundcheck

Playing a show anywhere at any time can be a nerve-wrecking experience especially if its a big crowd or a venue you’re not familiar with. Any number of things could go wrong and no one wants that to happen, but is there a way to minimise the risks? Having a good soundcheck session before the […]

5 Tips To Remember When Buying Your First Electric Guitar

So you’ve fallen in love with the sweet creamy tones of Slash’s Les paul or feel yourself getting high off the fuzzy twangs of Hendrix’s masterful playing. It’s time to get an electric guitar. But before you realise rockstars are not born over night here’s what you need to know when buying your first electric […]

Recording MIDI On Your DAW Software

This series is a continuation from the past post on guide to choosing your midi controller from the guide on Composing Music With MIDI. This lesson, you’ll learn how to start writing & recording MIDI notes into your computer. Make Sure Your DAW Know Where To Receive MIDI Data From Most major DAWs will detect your […]

Getting Started : Writing Your First Song

So you’ve decided to try your hand at song writing eh? Are you the emotional teen trying to make sense of what they’re feeling or the smitten lover scribbling ballads of eternal love? Maybe  you’re the jaded 20-something that’s found a cause you want to fight for, either way you’ve decide to embark on an […]