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10 Insane Songwriting Methods To Overcome The Writer’s Block

Writer’s block visits all writers at some point. You’ll be surprised to find many genius songwriters also struggling with it. But of course, nobody talks about them on the media. You know the feeling. Sometimes, creativity just dries up. You sit down in front your music workstation, stare into your blank DAW arrangement window and […]

I Played An Awesome Show No One Came To

So you played an awesome show the other day which would have rocked the faces of anyone who came to see you, except that’s the problem. No one came to see you. You’re feeling annoyed, frustrated, under-appreciated and like you just wasted all that time spent practicing for this show and the effort you put […]

I Hate My Band, I’m Going Solo!

            That’s it! Your drummer never stops playing which makes it almost impossible to talk to anyone during practice, your bassist can’t actually play bass and all your guitarist does is tune their guitar before, after and sometimes during songs. No one ever arrives for practice on time and you have […]

The Undiscovered Potential in.. You

Producing, writing, composing, arranging, and performing music isn’t that hard. There’s a couple of things you need to keep in mind, but maybe the following might help you achieve what you need to. We know that everybody is unique in their own ways, the following points are areas that I found challenging when I was in the […]

Composing Good Music

What is better then a good piece of music you can enjoy? Many of us cannot live without music, it’s a fact that most humans seek music as food for the soul and some of us just enjoy listening to it. Then there are some of us who likes weird music. The point is music […]

5 Tips To Overcome The Writer’s Block for Music Composing

All songwriters at some point in their careers experience the songwriter’s block. It does not matter whether or not the songwriter in question is a successful idol or just an energetic individual starting out his or her career; it reaches a point where the ideas just stop flowing. Luckily, this is not a permanent state […]

How Fast Do You Produce Music?

How Many Minutes of Finished Music Can You Finish A Day?

Do you know your speed of writing music? Is your writing speed too slow to keep up with current music industry and costing you more money instead? Last week I attended a google hangout hosted by Tom Holkenberg or also musically known as Junkie XL. In the hangout he talked about how he wrote the […]

Nobody Needs Graded Music Exams

So Rockschool came out with new graded exams that focuses on band based keyboard fused together with the current piano syllabus and everyone went crazy. Truth is, why do you even need exams? Do they really make you better in music? Are these syllabus just a mean of association boards trying to rake in money? […]

4 Chords You Need To Know

Music Theory: 4 Chords You Really Need To Know

When we talk about music theory, it usually bores people to death. Some musicians will reason out that learning theory makes you rigid and become ‘by the book’. However, I promise not to bore you with this short tutorial. In this tutorial, we’re going back to the basics and the infamous four chords nearly every […]