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10 Tips for Recording Metal Guitars that Sound Monstrous

Metal records live and die on their guitar sound and there is perhaps no genre of music so closely associated with massive, roaring guitars. Thankfully today with music technology, you don’t need access to an expensive recording studio or state of the art audio equipment to record huge sounding guitars. Seriously some of the best […]


A Brief Guide To Guitar Effect Pedals & Boards

Today many home musicians and guitarist take guitar effects for granted. Compared to the old days, effects are now so easily available – in the form of digital processors and software plugins. While music is art and there is no single rule to using effects, it’s beneficial to understand how effects are altering your sound. […]

6 Tips on Buying Your First Guitar

The guitar, whether electric or acoustic is undoubtedly the most popular instrument after the piano to pick up. It’s versatile, handy and inexpensive to start playing with it. However, most late guitar bloomers have the fear of picking up a guitar and learning it. Usually, it’s the fear of not knowing the instrument at all. Sometimes […]

The Guitarist’s Christmas Wishlist 2015

With Christmas just around the corner, many of you will be out to hopefully be able to grab great music deals. Today’s post is aimed towards the recording guitarist or if you’re someone looking to pick up the guitar. Here are some Christmas shopping recommendations for the aspiring guitarist who is looking to make a […]

4 Reasons to Use Single Pedals

1.Freedom of Choice. With single pedals you are free to mix and match any combination of pedals you want by any manufacturer in the world. This is a huge plus point as there are often many similar types of pedals available from different manufactures. Take the overdrive pedal for example. To this day guitarists all […]

4 Reasons Why You Should Get a Multi Effects Pedal

Multi effects pedals today come in all shapes and sizes for almost any price range. Today we’re going to take a look a 4 reasons why you should and shouldn’t get one! 1.Value For Money There’s no denying it. Especially for beginners, multi effects give lots of bang for the buck. For around 100-200USD you […]

6 Tips For Buying Electric Guitars

1. Understand how amplifiers and effects can influence how you sound. The truth is that unlike acoustic guitars, the guitar isn’t all there is to it. Among the things that contribute to how you sound playing the electric guitar besides the guitar itself and you playing it  include the amplifier, the effects you’re using as […]

5 Budget Electric Guitar Amplifiers

Some of us may play like rockstars and some of us only act like them, however most of us do not earn anywhere as much as them. So I’ve compiled a list of bang for the buck guitar amplifiers for everyone from the seasoned pro looking for a new toy or the newbie on a […]

5 Must Have Electric Guitar Effect Pedals

As a guitarists we often find ourselves spending our money on tonnes and tonnes of gear. One of the things we spend our money on the most is pedals. So here’s a short list of must have pedals for my fellow guitarists out there. Disclaimer : The importance of the pedals on this list are […]