Here you can download all my sounds, loops & samples collection for free. There are over 5GB of content here and growing every week.

My mission is to share these samples that I’ve collected to you for free. However, online storage & bandwidth can quickly get expensive. We’ll appreciate any sort of contribution for the bandwidth cost. Even a small amount would help us creating more content and uploading more freebies.

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Sounds & Samples

1 – Acoustic Drum Sets – JK (487MB)

A blend of really natural sounding acoustic drum loops, fills & hits in different tempos and styles. A must have.

Click here to download

2 – BIG Library of Drum Machine Samples (174MB)

Why do you still need to buy drum machines when you can have all the samples? From Roland to Korg drum machines, these are drum samples from all the different drum machines. 808, 909 kicks and more!

Click here to download drum machine samples 

3 – Rock Apple Loops (924MB)

These are Apple loops that will work well with Logic and Garageband. Simply drop them into your loop browser. All the metadata from timing to key has been set. Make rock music now.

Click to download Rock Apple Loops Pack

4 – Hip Hop Loops (201MB)

Minimal hip hop loops. These are some high quality sounding loops that can really mean something.

Download hip hop loops

5 – Total Hip Hop Loops & Samples (692MB)

More hip hop loops! Drum, keys, bass to pads and SFX. An essential pack to have when producing hip hop music.

Download total hip hop loops & samples

6 – Pop Kits (152MB)

Powerful modern sounding drum loops, samples and hits for pop music. Add this to commercial music and never go wrong.

Download pop kits pack

7 – Acoustic Active Drum Loops (289MB)

One of my favorite acoustic drum loops collection. Used this for many production and boy, do they sound great! Just be creative when chopping them up!

Download active drum loops

8 – Blades Production Pack (289MB)

Got this sound pack from a song. Features really nice dubstep leads, drums, sound effects and spoken words. It’s quite a funny pack, but creative heads can make music out of it. Worth a share.

Download blades production pack

9 – Exciters Loop & Samples Pack (377MB)

Feel that your music piece is lacking some excitement? Put some exciters on them and listen to your music as they become instantly exciting. These are bright sounding loop elements that can be placed on top most music rhythms, giving the track some excitement.

Download exciters pack

10 – Funk Guitar Riffs & Loops (325MB)

Funky time! These are funky guitar loops, riffs and samples that you can creatively use in your music projects. I’ve used some of these samples for commercial work. Recommended pack!

Download funky guitar riffs & loops 

Instrument Presets

1 – Massive Dubstep & Breakbeat Presets (10MB)

Load this presets in your copy of Native Instrument Massive. A collection of the dirtiest and hardest massive leads, bass, risers and rhythm patches.

Download massive presets pack

Producer White Noise Pack – $5  Free!

A collection of white noise samples greatly used when producing dance or electronic music. With over 50 different white noise risers and drops together with a few instrument presets, you’ll never go wrong getting the best white/pink noise risers with this pack!

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