Here you can download all my loops and sample collection for free. I plan to keep this page active and share as many audio samples as I can with you.

You’ll also find some useful VST presets, tutorials, and helpful stuff to help you produce better music.

My goal is to always keep Audio Mentor free for you. With the increasing downloads, online storage and server cost can get expensive. If you found value on this page or the site, and like to help – just buy me a cup of coffee! (I’ll add you to Audio Mentor’s contributor list to show you my thanks.)

Sounds & Samples

Acoustic Drum Sets – JK (487MB) – A blend of really natural-sounding acoustic drum loops fills & hits in different tempos and styles. I usually find ways to slice them up and use them in my arrangements.

Big Library of Drum Machine Samples (174MB) – Why do you still need to buy drum machines when you can have all the samples? From Roland to Korg drum machines, these are drum samples from all the different drum machines. 808, 909 kicks, and more! Pro tip: Layer the drum samples to get a thicker and fatter sound.

Rock Apple Loops (924MB) – I found some Apple Loops that are tempo-coded to work with Logic and Garageband. Simply drop them into your loop browser. All the metadata from timing to key has been set.

Hip Hop Loops (201MB) – These hip-hop loops are a little dated. But it never hurts to have more samples to slice up and re-sample and incorporate them into your music.

Total Hip Hop Loops & Samples (692MB) – More hip-hop loops! Drum, keys, bass to pads,and SFX. An essential pack to have when producing hip-hop music.

Pop Kits (152MB) – Powerful modern-sounding drum loops, samples, and hits for pop music. Add this to commercial music and never go wrong.

Acoustic Active Drum Loops (289MB) – One of my favorite collection of acoustic drum loops collection. I’ve used this for many productions and they sure sound production-ready. Just be creative when chopping them up!

Blades Production Pack (289MB) – Got this sound pack from a song. Contains some really nice dubstep leads, drums, sound effects, and spoken words. It’s quite a funny pack, but creative heads can make music out of it. Worth a share.

Exciters Loop & Samples Pack (377MB) – Feel like your music track is lacking some excitement? Put some exciters on them and as they become instantly exciting. These are bright-sounding loop elements that can be placed on top of most music rhythms, giving the track some excitement.

Funk Guitar Riffs & Loops (325MB) – Get funky with these loops and riffs. You’ll find funky-sounding guitar loops, riffs, and samples that you can creatively use in your music projects. I’ve used some of these samples for commercial work, including a track that I’m selling on Audiojungle.

White Noise Samples – I personally made this pack of white noise risers and down risers using in ES2 in Logic back in 2013! I even made a video on YouTube, detailing how to create white noise sweeps in Logic & Cubase.

AU/VST Instrument Presets

Massive Dubstep & Breakbeat Presets (10MB) – These are a small collection of dubstep presets to use with Native Instrument’s Massive. Use to add hard sounding leads, bass, risers, and rhythms for your next dubstep or trap hit.

150+ Serum Presets for Hip Hop, Trap (Rocket Powered Sound) – These presets are for Xfer Serum. Serum is not a cheap synth plugin, but if you use it, you’ll definitely want this preset pack. If you like the free taster pack, you can also get the full Serum pack, unlocking 250+ epic presets and wavetables for EDM, Hip-Hop, and Trap at 62% off.

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