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10 Sites To Get Free Audio Loops & Samples

You might be an all original-er but it’s undeniably true that loops and samples can give amazing ideas and become the foundation of a track. But what happens if you grow bored of the loops and samples that came with your DAW?

Time to look for some new fresh loops and here is 10 websites to look up for loops and samples.

1. Free Sound Org

Definitely, my favorite place when it comes to looking for samples. Everything here is FREE and the samples are shared by audio recordists around the world. If you have some interesting recorded samples do join in and share yours too!

2. FreeSound

Collaborative database of Creative Commons Licensed sounds. Browse the sounds you want, download them, and use them wherever you like. Lots of cool samples and you can find things that will aid you.

3. Freeloops

Lots of free loops here. You can find almost any type of loops you want on this website. Be a little careful about choosing only the loops with the best quality though.

4. Syntopia – Free Section

There is a bunch of free loops found on Syntopia’s site. Go download them quickly before it’s taken down. The quality of the samples and loops here are great.

5. Loopport 

Not exactly free, but there’s a free membership that allows you to download a few samples off their site. If you want to download up to 10GB of loops and samples then premium membership is a must.

6. Music Radar

Sites for Computer Music, you can find free loops they give out from their older magazines. Beats why you bought the magazine in the first place? Well, go indulge yourself in their full big library of loops & samples. They are usually more meant for electronic music and dance though.

7. Acapellas4U

If you do lots of remixes, this site offers some pretty nice acapellas which you can then take to mash and toy around with.

8. AudioJungle

Not totally free as well, but there is some nice free download each month. Check them out.

9. SampleSwap

Sampleswap! Share your sounds with a large community around the world. Nice play to be on a lazy Sunday to find some inspiring sounds.

10. Esoundsz

Paid downloads mostly but look to their free section. There are quite a number of free sample packs lying around there. Go download them now before they’re taken off.

So there you go, a list of places to get free samples and loops. Enjoy them and I hope they’ll give you some inspiration or ideas. That said, we at Audio Mentor also enjoy making samples. If you like to support what we are doing at Audio Mentor, head down to the download section and buy yourself some loops! Audio Mentor Download Section 

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