Samson Graphite

Review: Samson Graphite 49 & Graphite 25 Midi Controller

We took  I liking for the Graphite 49 and the Graphite 25 midi controller series. Why? Well because they come with lots of features at a very affordable price.

I bet you’ll never find a MIDI controller with this excellent build at this price.

Video Review: The Graphite 49 & Graphite 25

Why You Should Consider The Graphite Series

There are other excellent midi controllers especially those by M-Audio. I think M-audio makes pretty solid midi controllers with great touch. My first midi controller and audio interfaces were ones from M-Audio.

However, the Graphite midi controllers are excellent as they come with the functions that would really satisfy all your needs. I tend to not use all the knobs and pads but I find the after touch function on the Graphite amazing. Also the midi controller does not feel plasticky or noisy. Don’t be surprised if you find some midi controllers in the market to feel really cheap and plastic-like. My first midi controller, the M-Audio keystation 61-es felt like that.

Graphite 49 or Graphite 25

The graphite series come in 2 sizes, the 49 key model and also the 25 model. I’m fond of midi controllers which has more keys mainly because I play the piano. However the Graphite 25 does makes lots of sense too if I were to travel or move around frequently. The only difference of the two is that the 25 key model does not have sliders and also have less keys.

My advice to you? Well, never buy midi controllers with mini sized keys. I might be biased but trust me you’ll hate playing on those small keys after some time. Well maybe the time when you decide to do some serious work and not just fool about.

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