Introducing The Ultimate Snare Sample Pack

” I have a dream” one of the most heard quote by one of the most influential man of all time, Martin Luther King Jr. In Audio Mentor, we too have dreams and so does everyone else. We want to help young musicians out there to create their own masterpiece and share it to the world. Everyone deserves a fair share at gaining the spotlight, right? Therefore, we are now launching our very own snare sample pack for everyone to download and make tons of piece of art. I know you’re not convinced about this sample pack but let me answer your WH- questions and hope it clears those buoying thoughts in your head.


What’s In The Pack?

It is a sample pack filled with a whooping 250 samples all made by only one instrument which was the snare. Pretty impressive? Let me add more mouth watering facts for you musicians. Those 250 samples are in 24bit, 44.1khz meaning you will get the best sounding samples and not distorted ones.

44.1khz / 24 bit samples
250 snare drum hits
5 genres + 1 experimental pack

Dance – 50 hard banging snare drum hits
Dubstep – 31 made for dubstep snare hits
Hip Hop – 49 hip hop snare hits
Pop – 46 ready to use pop worthy snare hits
Rock – 43 acoustic and processed rock snares
Weird, Experimental & Fun – 31 experimental & out of the world heavy snare hits


The ‘Behind The Scenes’

We took a whole afternoon to sample few types of drum snares that we could get our hands on in the studio. Much focus were given to the micing techniques. We also micing the snares in a very odd position to see if we could get interesting sounds which then will be processed later.



Here we are setting up the positions of the mic to record the sounds. Multiple mics for multiple fun! and multiple work use.


“Hey let me get a pic of you connecting the microphones to the ports”


And now it’s time to get things started. We used different preamps to record the snares including the Komplete Audio 6 you see in the picture

Why You’ll Love The Pack

Or a better question, why not choose this one? This pack is filled with various snares all made for production and ready to sit in your mix. It’s all you really need to produce hit quality music, guaranteed! We sorted the pack into 5 genres for your ease, but even if you’re not a dubstep music producer, you could look into the dubstep folder and find lots of usable snares that would fit in different types of music genres too. That is also why we included experimental snare hits that we know you would have a great time using them in your productions.

Here are some reviews from our friends!

Customised sounds are essential, I am very particular even when finding a sound for hihats,snares and so forth, that may seem insignificant yet these tiny little sounds could spark unexpected amount of energy so that your songs are able to sound uniquely different. Many thanks to Audio Mentor for being an awesome music advisor and providing me with those snare sounds, that’s just what I was looking for. – Alexander The Phatos

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Alexander The Phatos – Artist & Musician

The Ultimate Snare Pack comes with hundreds of snare sounds for a variety of genres, from rock to pop to dubstep. It has the potential to be a valuable tool for any producer or composer looking to straddle the needs of customers from a variety of genres and taste. –Ksatriya

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Ksatriya – Rapper & Producer


Get it now!

The Ultimate Snare Hits pack goes for only $10. We decided to keep it at a low price so you don’t have to hurt the bank to start producing hit songs with quality samples. Click here to download the Ultimate Snare Pack samples now.  

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