Top 6 Christmas Gift Ideas for the Aspiring Music Producer

Are you getting ideas for a Christmas gift suitable for that music producer friend? 

You are probably searching for gift ideas because you have no clue what a music producer does, needs and really want. 

Well, fret not. In this post, I’m going to suggest some gifts, suitable for a music producer – all coming from a point of view of a fellow music producer (me). You could say that this is what I’d love to receive!

Here are 6 Christmas gift ideas that any music producer would love to receive this year – without a doubt.

1. Give Them The Gift of Portability

The ability to record music anywhere is a blessing for any music producer. Yes, you could do it with music production laptops that most music producers carry around. 

But here’s something new, a portable device that any music producer would love to have. Welcome, the Spire Studio.

It is a compact recording studio that gives them the functionality to record any instrument through its line-in, mic-pres or onboard built-in  condenser microphone. If you then pair the Spire through Wi-Fi to an iOS or Android phone, you can add effects, edit or even mix through a very modern mixing board.

There is no need for a laptop as the device records and stores the music. This would be a perfect gift that would make any singer-songwriter or music producer who loves making music on the go. 

2. Help Inspire Them With A Splice Subscription

With Christmas less than 10 days away, you may not have enough time to go out and buy something.

In that case, you can get them a subscription to With a subscription for just $7.99 per month, you make available over 2 million sounds for them.

This gives them access to the hottest grooves and new loops to inspire them and use for their own music. And the thing is most modern music producers rely on loops or samples to make music. Giving them this subscription is like giving them creative ammo for their rifle.

3. Give Them Additional Storage With An External Hard Drive

Do you happen to have a friend or a close family member (who produces music) who always complains about running out of hard disk space. 

Music producers often need lots of file storage space, as they work with thousands of tracks and millions of sounds. While modern laptops or desktop builds come with plenty of storage space, there’s always a need for more storage – plus security for it. 

Two popular options here. Get them an SSD external hard drive, which will be a bit more expensive.

Or, get them a hard drive with cloud storage capabilities – so they can access their files anywhere, even when traveling. 

If you’re in the UK, you can get a discount to grab an SSD or hard drive with Curry discount code Plusvouchercode which usually includes free delivery.

4. Give Them Crystal Clear Vocals With Microphone Isolation

Finding the perfect acoustics to record vocals can be hard. You need to make sure the environment & sound acoustics within the room is just right. The problem? Not every producer has the luxury of access to a studio at all times.

This is where most bedroom and home music producers swear by a microphone isolation set-up, like the sE Reflexion Filter or Eyeball filter. The way it works is by shielding the microphone from unwanted sound sources and reflection.

It doesn’t straightaway transform recordings into as though they were recorded in million-dollar recording studios – but it sure helps a lot. 

Any music producer or vocalist who does vocal recording a lot will find this gift extremely thoughtful. Besides, gear like this usually last a lifetime when it’s taken good care of. 

Need more gift ideas for the younger man? These are some non-music related presents for 5 years old boy.

5. Let Them Mix With Details Using A Proper Monitor Headphones

Having proper mixing monitor headphones are crucial for a music producer who wants to listen in detail for editing and mixing purpose. 

Consumer-grade level headphones usually have their frequency spectrum tweaked, so music seem to sound better on them. This would appear to the mass-market because generally, we love listening to bass and high trebles. 

For music producers though, we need to be able to listen at a flat frequency response. And this is where mixing headphones come into the picture. 

Here is a list of budget headphones for music production that are in fact amazing for its price. 

Also when it comes to headphones, I usually advice that the money is better spent on monitor speakers. Why? Because headphones do not last as long as good studio monitors do and so getting decent would be enough. 

Other than that, getting a monitor headphones as a Christmas gift will never go wrong for the music producer.

6. Give Them Accurate Sound With Studio Monitors

studio monitors as Christmas gifts

The main difference between normal consumer-grade speakers and studio monitors that are used by music producers is the way sound is reproduced. 

The same as headphones, while music may sound energetic, bassy and rounded on most consumer-grade speakers, you may find that studio monitor speakers sounds very flat. 

But that’s the thing. They are designed to do just that. 

Studio monitors do not sound exciting, but they help reveal the actual flat sound of a music track and excels at reproducing sound accurately – so that music producers can hear the slight audio nuances in a recording, for the purpose to edit, mix and master. 

Studio monitors are considered a must for any music producer, so getting a good studio monitor would be an ultimate gift for the growing music producer. Just make sure to get proper studio monitors. 


What gifts did you get this year? Let us know your suggestions in the comment section below.

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