Whoosh Machine VST Review, Video & Download

Last week I got my hands on Whoosh Machine, a kontakt instrument developed by Sonic Faction that creates the risers, downrisers and noise that we so often use in electronic music.

I found it to be pretty amazing – you can now create risers easily with correctly timed lengths and even dial up a knob to induce the ‘sidechain’ effect commonly used in electronic dance music.

It’s currently free (I don’t know how long it’ll stay free), so go grab it this instant!

Download Whoosh Machine here: http://sonicfaction.com/products/kontakt/whoosh-machine

Watch the review video

Listen to the audio sample here

Camtasia Studio recorded my DAW audio pretty badly, so below is an exported version of the piece in the video. Click to listen to it.

What’s Good About Whoosh Machine

I remember the times where I had to painfully create my own risers with white noise and layering them with synths. I even made a white noise sample pack which was made available on Audio Mentor for $5 or so. Guess that won’t sell anymore! :'( 

With Whoose Machine, forget tweaking your synth to create risers for your next EDM piece. You can also choose from the vast presets options which really gives you a feel of the player’s capabilities.

Here is a list of pros of Whoosh Machine:

  • Say goodbye to painful synth tweaking to create risers and downrisers
  • Loads of presets
  • Able to just add sidechain easily
  • Easy to tweak effects, LFOs, Filters and Envelope
  • Able to layer synths

The ability to add in extra synths sounds and morph it randomly was a cool addition. Adding layers to your risers and downrisers adds more interest and meat to your sound. Very much welcomed and really appreciate that function.

What’s Lacking About Whoosh Machine

While there is a lot of amazing things about Whoosh Machine. Having tried it, I found a few annoyance and things I quite didn’t like about Whoosh Machine as well.

List of cons with Whoosh Machine:

  • Distracting equalizer running in the background (able to turn that off tho)
  • Effects section not convincing
  • Might require additional effects and tweaking to mix it with other tracks.
  • You’ll have to use the latest Kontakt Player

You’ll notice a 3D graphic equalizer running in the background of the player itself, which was pretty distracting! Besides showing me the frequencies, it masks the dials on the player itself. I simply had to turn it off.

The effects that came with Whoosh Machine were not as convincing as I hope it would be. The reverb sounded a little thin and artificial, so I reckon you use another reverb as an insert with Whoosh Machine to give it the sound it deserves.

You’ll have to insert effects and do other tweaks to really mix the sounds from Whoosh Machine together with your track. Without mixing effects, playing with EQ and compressing, Whoosh Machine didn’t quite blend with my other tracks. It sounded like a sound from a different track, so as always, more homework to be done there.

But hey it’s free. So no complains, right?

What do you think off the Whoosh Machine? Have you tried it? Comment below.

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  • Paul Collier

    Hangs at 95% installation…never fully installs for some reason.