5 Tips For Success In Your Home Recording Studio

Tell your family you’re thinking of starting your home recording studio and I’m sure you’ll get those bewildered stares. Are you serious? Can you survive in the music recording business?

That are just two of the endless questions and doubts you’ll get from your family and friends.

I’ve been there. I finished high school and told myself naively that I’ll take on the recording business and be a award winning music producer in 2 years.

What happened? As you may have expected, I failed a lot but never gave up through the journey. With nearly up to 8 years of being an independent music producer and studio owner, I’ve learnt many valuable lessons. Here are 5 tips that will help you as your begin your career as a music producer.

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The five tips for your recording studio summarized:

1. Your studio is a business – The problem with many people is that they believe the music would do the work and bring the financial support they need. False. The music industry is an entertainment business. People buy entertainment and great talent, but entertainment keeps people buying. Back to you as a music producer, you have to start taking your career seriously

2. Quit being a perfectionist – Music producers are often perfectionists. I’ll admit that I’m on myself. However if you’re working on a mix or composition, sometimes you must muster the strength to tell your perfectionist-self that the mix is done. Get the mix sent to your client, get a feedback then continue working on it. Don’t sit on a mix too long.

3. Never do things for free – Even if its for charity of if your clients happen to be a bunch of school kids. You have to charge what you are worth or risk being seen as a cheap producer.

4. Buy two instead of one – Given the option to purchase either one expensive microphone or two microphones that equals to the single microphone, I’ll go for the two microphones. This is so you always have more options when it comes to recording and also having a backup when gears decide to go wrong during a very important recording session in your studio. This applies to other gears as well.

5. Start calling yourself a music producer – When you’re out there, you want to be promoting yourself as a music producer. Call yourself a music producer and you’ll start seeing people awarding you with music recording jobs and gigs, trust me.

Being A Successful Music Producer & Studio Owner

It’s fun to be a music producer and to produce for a living. It’s not going to be a smooth sailing journey but one with lots of trials and barriers being thrown at you.

However, you have to remember that your music career is a journey, not a race. And you have to enjoy that journey.

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