Become A Better Business Person

Become A Better Business Person

“Business has only two functions – marketing & innovation”. Quoted by Milan Kundera and tweeted about by Aweber just very recently.

Business has only two functions

Business has only two functions

Do you agree with the quote? I do agree with Kundera, that many businesses do lots marketing and keep striving for innovation. After all, sales comes after that and sales are what makes businesses run.

However, if business is really just about marketing & innovation, that’s isn’t enough.

What Are Businesses For?

Many of us will have the desire to build our own startups and businesses sometime in life. Maybe you grew tired of working for bosses or you want to do something you really like. While money is one of the main reason many runs a business, there is something really great businesses should do.

The Why Of Business

A business is there simply because they want to help people and make their life better. That is all to it. Everyone have problems that needs fixing. And if you run a business, your job is to help and problem solve your customer’s problems.

Need an example?

Think about the washing machine. Why did people invent the washing machine? Simply because it makes life easier for people to wash their clothes. People had to wash their clothes with their hands on a scrub board, using lots of energy and affecting their skin with chemicals as they did their laundry. A washing machine solves lots of the people’s pain. Now, imagine if washing machines weren’t invented yet today.

Become A Better Business Person

You can be a musician, lawyer or business person. But whichever your profession is, you can always help or inspire people.

Be a better business person! Today, think about how you can genuinely help your next customer or client. Identify his pain and give him a solution to ease his pain. It can be one of your products or your service, it doesn’t matter. And when you can ease your customer’s pain, you will be paid and your business will grow

People ask me all the time; How could I help my fans if I’m a musician? Yes, music is art and not a product. So, think different. Can you write a song about healing the world? Or can you hold a charitable concert? You see, life is about helping and inspiring people. Do that and I promise whichever business or cause you do, will be successful.

How do you help or inspire your customers & fans? Comment below.


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