Logic Pro - The Long Wait

Industry Talk – The Long Wait for DAW Softwares

Do good things usually come to those who wait? I’d like to agree with that, however I would say the world we are living in now is moving at a rate too fast. You simply can’t wait.

Bitwig Studio - A Little Too Late?

Bitwig Studio – A Little Too Late?

Logic X & Bitwig Studio

Many of you know that I’m a Logic user before I did the change the Cubase & Studio One. Propellerhead, Presonus, Steinberg & other major DAW softwares all follow a great practice of announcing an upgrade or release and then releasing it just a moment afterwards.

The frustration of a user having to wait endlessly without notice can sometimes kill off the interest totally. We all know Apple is a company which is highly secretive in what they’re doing and we will only know about a product on the day itself it is launched. We heard rumors that Apple is laying off a number of employees from the pro audio division & I wouldn’t be surprised if Logic comes out as an in-app purchase in Garageband if users wanted an upgrade.

Bitwig Studio is an interesting DAW which promoted features which attracted me in 2012. However, one of it’s most impressive feature, the ‘per-note’ automation is somewhat seen in the new Ableton Live 9 which has been launched recently. A little too late to launch, Bitwig?

DAW Innovations We Really Like

I’m not going to talk much about the technicals of handling a DAWs, but rather the human experience using them. The human wants to be informed, updated, connected and feel comfortable.

  • DAW Startup page with news, downloads & network
  • Platform to share items & downloads
  • Platform to collaborate

What a DAW really needs these days is something out of the ordinary. Every DAW is capable of making music, that’s for sure. But what about the user’s experience. What I really liked about Studio One is that open launching the software, you’ll see a startup page with news, updates, competition and basically everything you need to be informed and updated. And we all know, the support is great and within reach if we ever hit a problem.

Next, everyone should be able to share items and downloads. Made a cool chorus setting? Share the love by simply sharing it to other DAW users. Your act of kindness will benefit you when you’re looking for some settings or downloads shared by other DAW users. And when a DAW creates a platform easy for users to share and download… that’s a WIN

Lastly, everybody can make music these days. No need for big studios and expensive equipment. And what that calls for? Collaboration. Two brains are better than one. And when people come together with the same goal to collaborate, remarkable things happen. Cubase has VST Connect SE that allows Cubase users to collaborate right from the DAW itself.

Will You Wait?

So would you do the long wait for softwares? Not only softwares, do you believe in waiting or are you one who musn’t wait, going all out? We would love to hear, so comment below!

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