Why Music Producers Should Sign Up With Adrev Now

Music piracy has been going on for as long as you know it. What’s worse is people using music which they didn’t pay license for and yet monetizing with it on platforms like YouTube.

If you’re a music producer who have been in the industry long enough, you’ll know that royalties (aside public performances) is the livelihood of an artist. Musicians and producers should get paid for their music.

And I’m sure you have seen people uploading music from artist that they do not own on YouTube and then monetizing from the views it gets. What a way to pirate music!

Don't think Ed is going to okay with people monetizing with his music!

Example: Don’t think Ed is going to okay with people monetizing with his music!

Adrev came about to protect artists and producers, by disallowing people who do not have licenses for your music to monetize from it. When you put up a video on YouTube, you can opt to become a YouTube Partner and monetize from the advertisements that appear on the video. So instead of people without licenses monetizing from your music, Adrev takes the monetization from those videos and gives it to the rightful copyright holders.

About AdRevmonetize-unoficial-videos

Adrev is owned by AudioMicro, a company based in California which was listed in Inc Magazine as the second-fastest growing media company in revenue growth.

What does Adrev really do? 

In a nutshell, Adrev enables independent musicians and music publishers to track down people who are using their music on YouTube and to monetize if such usage were found.

Why do I see negative reviews about Adrev?

There are many mixed opinions about Adrev and some people are calling Adrev a scam. This is usually claimed by YouTubers who tried to monetize their videos with the music they do not own or paid license for.

The music copyrights are not held by Adrev. Adrev is simply a system to track music usage on YouTube and is in fact doing the music industry a favor to prevent YouTubers to monetize from unlicensed music. Thus, it’s simply concluded that Adrev isn’t a scam.

I bought the license for the track and I got the message from Adrev. What do I do? 

Seen a message like this?

Seen a message like this?

Adrev or YouTube does not know whether you’re the copyright holder of the music you’re using in your video. If you receive a message like this, simply contact Adrev Support to remove the claim. AudioJungle, a royalty free music library has a comprehensive guide on what to do when a wrong claim has been made on your video. See it here: Buyers guide to YouTube Content ID

How Does All Of These Benefits You, The Music Producer?

You should already have an idea of how Adrev is helping a music producer. However note that Adrev doesn’t collect royalties for your music. Rather, it collects advertising fees from the advertisement that were used on videos that contain your music.

That means it’s okay to use Adrev with your royalty-free music pieces. You’re not actually collecting royalties from your music but advertising fees from videos who illegally used your music. This is a common misconception by many music buyers who claim they got cheated by the composers whom they thought ‘collects royalties’ from their royalty free music they purchased.

Okay great. How do I start?

To start tracking if your music tracks are being used illegally across YouTube, the first step is to sign up for Adrev. It cost nothing to sign up and you can sign up for Adrev here: Sign up for Adrev

Step 1 – Upload Your Music Tracks


Once you’re registered, upload your tracks to AdRev so it can start to track your music if they’re being used on YouTube. Be prepared to provide support to your buyers who have videos with your music on YouTube. They will receive claim messages coming from Adrev so be prepared for that.

A simple way to resolve this is to send your buyer’s video link to Adrev and request for the claim to be removed.

Once you upload your music, it will go through a pending stage for a few days before getting submitted.

2 – Tracking Your Music & Earnings


Picture shows few cents generated from even such low views. You’re getting the idea.

You’ll start seeing data coming in if your music is found to be unlicensed and used in videos on YouTube.

YouTube’s pays the publisher a 55% of the total ad revenue received from the advertiser. You’ll get 80% of that 55%, the ad revenue off the YouTube videos. AdRev takes the balance 20% as part of its service & platform to collect advertising fees on your behalf.

Conclusion & Final Thoughts

AdRev certainly helps the music producer to protect music but it only covers the YouTube platform. It also only collects advertising revenues and not copyright revenues, so it is not a 100% solution for copyright infringement on your music.

However if you sell your music on different platforms and have actively pushed your music to as many platforms, it’s only inevitable that your music will be ripped from the previews or from your customer’s videos. Adrev will help give you an indication of what’s going on with your music in this very big world called the internet.

What questions do you have about using Adrev? Ask them below.

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