Audio & Video Masterclass 2.0 @ Suntech City

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Last month we ran a 2 day masterclass that focuses on editing & producing videos with great audio! It was a successful 2-day masterclass and now we’re back with version 2.0!

Previous audio & video workshop @ Suntech

Previous audio & video workshop @ Suntech


Introducing Audio & Video Masterclass 2.0

Audio & Video Workshop 2.0

Audio & Video Workshop 2.0

In this 2 days you’ll learn from scratch, how to edit video & audio directly from your computer all by yourself! Even if you are a complete beginner or someone who has already stepped his foot into the industry, this workshop/masterclass will be a beneficial one for you.

In the last workshop, we even had seasoned product photographer, K.K. Khor who joined and felt that the workshop was a steal.

[quote author=”K.K Khor, Product Photographer, Molise Studio” image=”” w=”160″ h=”160″ image_align=”left”] Cinementor is very informative, easy to follow and I’ve learnt more useful video tips compared to reading books or experimenting on my own[/quote]


What Will You Really Learn?

You’ll learn how to edit videos so they look professional in this 2 days. You will be learning the fundamentals of video editing and also the advanced portion. How do you make sure your video stay nice when you upload to Youtube? Which export settings do you use? What effects to use to get that ‘Hollywood’ style video? How do you get rid of that really noisy audio in your video?

If you have asked yourself those questions before, you’re not alone. All of them will be answered in the masterclass and there are more tips included as well.

The best part is that you will be doing hands on practice with videos during the masterclass. Hands-on practice is important. You can listen and learn but you’ll truly understand something only when you do it.


Great! What Do I Bring?

Computers with installed softwares will be provided! Just walk right into the masterclass and go into action. Though, you can also bring your laptop if you want, so you can save the files that will be given to you.


Book Now & Get Your Seat Reserved

There are only a maximum of 15 seats available for this masterclass, so best get your seat reserved! Simply make a payment via bank transfer of RM299 to ‘The Cat Records Studio Ent.’ at Public Bank Berhad  (AC No. 3160637931)

Fee: RM299

Bank: Public Bank Berhad

The Cat Records Studio Ent (Account No.: 3160637931)



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