Get Entitled For A Free Music Production Course

There are tons of benefits when you buy your music gears from our store, Music Shop. Not only we made them cheap for musicians, now you’ll also get a free music production course when you purchase anything over RM400.

How Does This Work?

A question everyone will ask. Well it’s simple. After you complete any purchase of any item from Music Shop that is above RM400 we’ll send you a welcome mail to a one month totally free Audio Mentor music production crash course. Sounds good? It is.

What’s In The Course?

The course will be a valuable one, we assure you. Why?.. The course also teaches you how to make money by selling your music.
It’s a crash course by Audio Mentor that goes on for a month. As a member, you will get access to all the HD video tutorials inside together with all the downloads, source files and more that will be given to you for FREE. In a nutshell, you’ll learn all about basic music, music production & then some music business.
One month is not a long time but again it’s a crash course and you’ll get the chance to progress to the full course after completing the crash course. Here’s a simplified course syllabus;

This module introduces you to music, its basics & everything you’ll need to know. Learn how to play music and how to compose a simple tune in this one week of intense but engaging study. Music softwares will also be provided to you.
More advanced music playing and music composing skills would be explored here. You’ll learn how to compose & arrange a music tune no matter what your level of understanding is.
 Make full use of music softwares to record your music down. You will be laying down your music composition and perfecting your music to sound like a world class produced piece.
The most exciting part of the course is to learn how you can make money with your music. You’ll learn how to sell your music or sound online in this module.

How Long Will This Offer Last?

We honestly didn’t put a dateline for this offer. Let’s say this offer remains till the end of April, then it goes away forever. Our advice? Save some money buying a piece of music gear you really want not and get a free music production course to learn how to utilize your newly bought music gear!


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