Hello I'm Ronald

Hello! I’m Your New Support Person!

Hi everyone! Name’s Ronald and I’m happy to join the team over at Audio Mentor! Like the title say, I’m your support person, so if you stumble upon any problems or even have a question while browsing the site, forums, blogs and basically anything around this awesome place, be sure to drop me a line via the members area or straight to my email at ronald@audiomentor.com & I’ll see to your problem.

Hello. I'm Ronald!

About me

I’m currently residing in Penang which makes me a Penangite. To tell the truth even though I’m your support guy, I do know a little about music. When I was young I used to play with the Cello and keep thinking “Why am I as a scrawny guy playing such a huge instrument and my brothers sisters are violin”. Mom said “not much people plays the cello which makes it an easy money maker”, which proves to be wrong because I’m a more techy kind of person right now.

I also love playing PC games such as Bioshock 3,BF3 and much more. Playing games with great graphics and amazing music with an engaging storyline excites me. I mean, don’t you ever get hooked playing a game so much because of its story? One of my dreams is to be a game producer, bringing in great stories to inspire gamers by means of coming out with a top notch game. All that needs lots of experience and knowledge in coding, which is why I’m excelling myself in coding right now.

Currently working with the team with Audio Mentor & loving it so far! Anyway if you’re wondering, I’m no Mac person which is why I’m on a PC desktop at work.

Well I guess that all i got to say about me. I wish you guys good luck,work hard and most importantly have fun making music & learning! I look forward to see you in the upcoming meetups & concerts we’re looking to hold.

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