Introducing the all new Audio Mentor

Hello all.

I’m glad to launch the new Audio Mentor website where learning, inspiring and training would be more efficient with the new tutorials and features on board.

Some of the new features:

New chat (Chat with the whole community)

  1. Public Forums
  2. Activity Updates
  3. Free blogs
  4. Support for public forum
  5. and more!

Watch the video below to see the new features

Why Can't I Log In?

We were unfortunately hit by the recent wordwide hack attack and Audio Mentor was compromised. We finally got our site back, however the hosting is putting up a security measure before they confirm everything is back to normal.


You might find an extra pop up which says ‘restricted’. If you see that just put in this username and password

username: hgprotect

password: AniyEh332Yo3/x77 

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  • Douglas

    Good post. I absolutely appreciate this site. Continue the good work!

    • Reuben Chng

      Thanks! Continue giving me feedback so I can improve!