Produce Professional Videos with iMovie

Upcoming Course: A Video Editing Course

Course screencasting

Course screencasting

We’ve just spent our weekend recording screencasts and making tutorials with an instructor, Selvan Ramsamy on one of our upcoming courses, a special course on video editing.

Videos plays a very important part in our lives when it comes to promoting music, marketing a produce or even just trying to get a message out. That is because when pictures tell a thousand words, videos tells a thousand more. Videos are that effective. Our modern society getting more and more connected to the internet watching videos with their smartphones, tablets and computers. And you wouldn’t want to miss out taking part in that market.


Introducing the upcoming course – How To Use iMovie

We’ve been busy to come out with a new iMovie course – how to use iMovie, together with the many questions students have been asking, for instance using imovie effects to create better looking videos. We covered all the essentials to using iMovie effectively.


Produce Professional Videos with iMovie

Produce Professional Videos with iMovie

Why You Should Join? What Is The Difference?

Our how to use iMovie course in on a whole different level from the other imovie lessons you can find. That is because our lessons don’t just show you the functions on iMovie. As you go through the video editing course, you’ll discover hidden secrets within iMovie that we have pointed and also get good tips on producing a great video.

How long should your video be? How to create a more impactful video? We have planted tips all throughout the lessons so when you learn, you don’t just learn how to use iMovie effectively but you’ll also learn the tricks, techniques & trade secrets of an expert film editor/producer.


When Is It Launching? I really want to learn how to use iMovie

We just wrapped up recording the iMovie tutorials but we’re adding more content such as lessons notes, sample files and plugins.  We are hoping to launch the course on Wednesday, 9th October 13′ making it available to you.

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