4 Reasons Why You Should Get a Multi Effects Pedal

Multi effects pedals today come in all shapes and sizes for almost any price range. Today we’re going to take a look a 4 reasons why you should and shouldn’t get one!

1.Value For Money

There’s no denying it. Especially for beginners, multi effects give lots of bang for the buck. For around 100-200USD you can get over 100 effects and the option to use up to 5 of them at the same time.

Imagine having an chain consisting of a compressor, overdrive pedal, distortion and delay at such a low price.

This in itself makes multi effects very attractive to the budget musician.

Having such a large variety of effects is also very beneficial for someone who plays a lot of styles or is just starting out and would like to explore a wider range of effects

2. USB and Midi capabilities

Multi effects pedals can often be programmed to work alongside your DAW.

One of the major benefits of the GT-10 for example is the ability to assign functions.

With the ability to start or stop recording in Ableton Live while playing, you are offered the option to jam around until you find something I like, at which time you can record without losing any groove.

That being said having a must effects pedal that doubles as an audio interface is also an invaluable too as you can now record guitar tracks without buying an audio interface.

3. Additional Functions

Some multi effects pedals offer additional functions (like a tuner) and don’t just offer your standard array of effects. If you’re willing to splurge a bit many multi effects pedals will also include things like an expression pedal and a looper.

Having an expression means you have access to additional effects that are responsive to the way you you flex the pedal. Effects like the wah pedal (made famous by players like Jimi Hendrix and Kirk Hammet from Metallica) is one such pedal.

A looper is an invaluable tool when it comes to songwriting and practicing. Having one built into your multi effects pedal is a huge asset.

Some multi effects even offer unique functions like chord books or scale snap books.

4. It’s an All-In-One Package

It’s an all-in-one package. Multi effects pedals are great because once you get used to the user interface they’re really convenient to carry around and use.

It’s all the pedals and effects you could ever use, your tuner and audio interface all in one compact, rugged (but sometimes not so rugged) package. Though admittedly in terms of quality you get what you pay for, if you find a multi effects pedal you’re happy with you’re more or less set for life!

And that’s 4 reasons why you should get a multi effects pedal! Do you own a multi effects pedal? If you do what model and brand is it? If you don’t, what are your personal preferences?

Comment below and let me know!

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