Adi Farhud - Alexander The Phatos

Member’s Say: Adi Farhud

Recently signed as a music composer by Media Factory, a Japan based record label while going all out in the music industry writing music for sites like Audiojungle as well, this week we talk to Adi Farhud.

Adi Farhud - Alexander The Phatos

A Musical and Artistic Direct of group, Alexander The Phatos

Hello my name is Adi Farhud, a music graduate from USM.A musical and artistic director of a musical group Alexander The Phatos ; A recently signed music composer : artist by a Tokyo, Japan based “Media Factory / Goon Trax” record label. The label is best described by its motto a label dedicated to introducing high quality music to the people of Japan. I’m currently living and working in Kuala Lumpur.I write music for Audio Jungle and a full time employee at a newly founded audio department at Inmagine Malaysia , as a music composer.

You can listen to Adi’s works & buy them at Bandcamp:

Your Music Production Setup

My current cheap home studio setup consists of the following, an iMac computer, Presonus Firebox (6×8) firewire, Two Samson headphones, a midi keyboard (M-Audio KeyRig 49), Logic Pro.

How Do You Get Ideas & Start Producing?

The mother nature is where most of my inspiration is derived.Theoretically I start off by just playing keys on the keyboard with a thought in mind that I don’t want to compose a “song”, but I want to communicate with these harmonies of the world that God had created for us to reach, and, boom. As for this moment I’m so into “Film Music”. What inspires me ?. I make music from my own instinct. ….. I came at it not from doing piano scales – Hans Zimmer.

Share An Experience!

I’m a beginner myself, therefore I’ll dismiss this question!

What Do You Do In Your Free Time?

I read books

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