Composing Good Music

What is better then a good piece of music you can enjoy? Many of us cannot live without music, it’s a fact that most humans seek music as food for the soul and some of us just enjoy listening to it. Then there are some of us who likes weird music. The point is music is subjective and different people have different tastes in music.

Music has been around for a long time and archaeologists have even confirmed that instruments dated back to the pre-historic era were made. Apart from the colossal and spectacular history, music still continues to be a vibrant aspect of our lives, a humble cause for our entertainment and pleasure, a highly rewarding profession and an increasingly expanding and innovative form of art.

Composing is the usual term used when referring to construction of some music. A composer is completely different from a conductor as the composer’s job is to create and write music for both special performances and events or just for random listening. Though the composers are astonishingly knowledgeable of music but even they had to start from the scratch.

First, search and get associated with an instrument that tempts you. Think of the instrument as a tool to create music. Find an instrument that you can find yourself comfortable with. Our voices are also our instrument. It’s an instrument that is inbuilt into ourselves, how convenient can that be?

The next thing to do is to master the instrument well. Some do this by going for some music classes and getting coached by a mentor. However today you can always opt for online learning, places like Udemy or even Audio Mentor itself is a great place to learn some new skills. Find some great discounts and coupons for courses like this on coupon codes.

Some people might urge you to learn up music theory if you are able to. Learning music theory will give you a boost in your composing skills but if you like to take the rogue road, know that there are many great composers who did not have formal education at all.

The time will come for you to add creativity, putting your own flavor. At this point, you have to discipline yourself to start composing. Sit down and try compose something even if you feel your composition is not good. Composer John Williams have mentioned once that he try composes something everyday even if he has no inspirations on a given day. It’s really about the hours you spend on the craft rather then sitting around waiting for an inspiration to hit you.

Switch your playing style, change a few chords and break some music theory rules. Experimenting is always key to finding an inspiration or idea, so don’t worry too much about wasting time. You’re not wasting time. Another vital thing to do is to listen to the work of other composers’ and analyze their techniques of instrumental combination and rhythms that can channel emotions.

There are many ways a composer normally composes a piece. Generally most composers starts with a melody. Once you have a melody created, you basically harmonize it with lush chord progressions. This is where your knowledge in music theory can come handy. Pick up a guitar or launch your music software on your computer and start putting ideas down. This is where you start arranging different instruments to form your music piece.

The process of composing a music piece from idea realization isn’t that hard at all really. What you really need is to get things done. Nobody gets things done the first time, so expect to be composing lots of music pieces before finally stumbling into a hit music piece.


This is a guest post written by Dauntless by BackCounty

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