Vocalz – New Karaoke App Allows You To Record Yourself Singing

When was the last time you sang in a karaoke session? If you’re an avid karaoke goer, you’ll understand that singing karaoke is in fact pretty exciting as you self express when you sing, regardless of whether you’re singing in acapella or in karaoke.

There are still many people who becomes pretty shy when they go for karaoke sessions though. And then there are people who find themselves spending too much money at karaoke centers.

Well great news for karaoke & singer enthusiast who owns an android smartphone.

Introducing Vocalz – Karaoke App for Android

Available on Google Play Store

Available on Google Play Store

Vocalz is a new karaoke app available on the Google Play Store for Android users. It’s a feature rich karaoke app where you’ll be able to find a multitude of songs which are free, together with lyrics shown on screen to sing a long and rock to. Weighing only at a 11MB download, the Vocalz installation on your smartphone will be a breeze before you get to enjoy singing.

The Wow Factor About Vocalz

There are many karaoke applications you can find on the market, so what makes Vocalz so different? Unlike many karaoke applications, Vocalz add on the capability to record yourself while you sing. According to the Vocalz team, being able to record and create a selfie karaoke video while you sing enhances the karaoke experience altogether. It’s an known fact that most singers love to record themselves sing. Most singers record themselves to keep a personal album and some record themselves so they can playback to identify the areas of their singing that needs improvement. So Vocalz simply combines the two together – people who love to sing and record themselves in a video.


The other thing worth mentioning is that all songs that you find in Vocalz are free. They are no hidden charges or in-app purchases like many other karaoke apps which prompts you pay for more song selections. Searching for music in Vocalz is also easy. With the pretty amazing search engine that is built in Vocalz, you are able to find songs in different languages as well. No more frustrations of not being able to look for songs you love to sing.

Try the app today and experience singing for yourself: Vocalz – Karaoke Video

If you stumble upon any issues while using the app, simply head to the developer’s Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/Vocalzapp) and drop them a wall post or message. The Vocalz team are quick to responding to users who are having issues with the app and are always looking for ways to improve the app.

Some Videos Created With Vocalz

Here are some videos that are created with the app. They should give you a good idea of what you can do with the app.


Start expressing yourself today and sing together with the Vocalz karaoke app. Head to the Google Play store on your phone and search for Vocalz Karaoke Video: https://play.google.com/store/apps/VocalzKaraokeVideo

We’re sure you’ll have lots of fun using the app and if you have videos of yourself, feel free to post them in the comment section below for everyone to view!


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