Samson Resolv SE Review

Review: Samson Resolv SE Studio Monitors

So What’s The Deal About These Speakers?

The Samson Resolv SE are the improved version of the earlier Resolv monitor speakers line by Samson, designed to be sitting in your studio. There are three models to choose from the 5-inch, 6-inch, and 8-inch.

You’ll notice the speaker cabinets to be a little bulkier when compared with other monitor speakers from other brands. The 6-inch model is nearly as big as my older pair of Tapco S-8s which are 8-inch in size. You’ll find a volume button at the back which has enough drive power to power the speaker quite loudly (pretty loud in-built preamps) and also a high frequency switch that gives you the options to tune your high frequencies depending on the room you’re monitoring in.

What I Liked About It

To be honest I had a perception that when it comes to the brand, ‘Samson’, their products are usually seen as ‘cheaper’ and of ‘not-so-good’ quality. However my perception quickly changed when I unboxed, placed the speakers and listened to my favorite tracks on it. The sound is big and I could have easily drive it to even louder volumes but I kept it at a comfortable level. I didn’t get much ear fatique listening to the Resolv SE while doing my mix and composing work.

The bass sounded tight and it has good sounding highs as well. Stereo image was excellent. You can hear the ‘hiss’ of some records and even the subtle noises in audio recordings. It’s really accurate and you can hear lots of things in details on the Resolv.

One feature I really liked about the Resolv is that it has its bass ports placed in front the speakers. This means, you can have the speakers placed nearer to a wall in your studio and not worry about standing waves as the bass is pushing air out from the front.

I’ve mostly gave positive comments so far, however do note that the Samson Resolv falls into the more affordable budget category of near field monitors. For its price, it’s sounds amazing and pretty worth the buy. However, there are also some things I felt that can be improved to further make the Resolv the best choice for monitors. Let’s talk about that.

What I Think Can Be Added/Improved On

First things first, they should have also added a LF knob to cut or boost low frequencies. The Resolv has a HF frequency knob and it wouldn’t hurt much to add another LF frequency knob. Many producers with an untreated room would appreciate a LF gain knob on the speaker.

Next the monitors are definitely great sounding but I felt the low mids were slightly muddy. I had very careful listening on the speakers and I found that in some mixes the mid does tend to sound slightly muddy. It’s not a deal breaker though. You’ll get used to the speakers after listening and mixing on them for awhile so your judgement when mixing would be better.


If your budget is within the range of the affordable studio monitors, I’d say give the Samson Resolv a look. It’s inexpensive and definitely worth your money. I’m extremely satisfied with the speakers and my mixes translated better with them so I’m keeping a pair for myself too.Have a bigger budget for a more premium studio monitors? Then make the jump and go for more expensive monitors like Eve Audio and such.

Do you own a pair of the Resolv? What other monitors would you recommend? Comment below!

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  • musicmain

    Thank you for your review!, I’ve been looking under every stone on the internet for reviews on the Resolv se 6 and there is almost NOTHING available, what gives?
    I bought a set of the se 6 a few months back and since then i’ve been on a quest to confirm if this was a good acquisition via reviews and only found yours and a magazine review about these speakers.

    It seems as if these speakers are considered barf garbage that nobody wants to touch or talk about, but they sound very friggin great to me, to the tune of “best sounding computer speakers” i’ve had.
    If these are garbage speakers I need to know asap what speakers sound better than these for similar price so I can get rid of these and get those.


    • Reuben Chng

      I used the speakers myself & I thought they’re fair. I find them to be better than my M-Audio Bx5a, don’t know why the BX5a are best selling monitors though.

  • rexp

    Hi. Which monitors would you recommend that have a less muddy midrange?
    BTW im in Malaysia

    • Reuben Chng

      Go for the KRKs or Genelecs. Should be great with them.

  • Steven

    A really great review, thanks for posting it and sharing your views. I tend to spend lots of time in research when it comes to buying things, and the Resolv’s have always been in my list of choices, due to my modest budget. As with a comment above, I also struggled to find many reviews on these monitors, so they have always been labeled as an underdog in my mind.

    After months of research, I’ve eliminated the KRK RP’s, Presonus Eris’s and Yamaha HS5’s from my choices due to my budget, unless I find a good second hand deal. The remaining options are the M-Audio BX D2 and Samson Resolv’s. Did you compare the BX5’sagainst the Resolv 5’s? What are your thoughts on these two monitors from Samson and M-Audio? Lastly, do you think using 8″ monitors is crucial for music production where the low-end is important, ie. Does 5″ have too little bass detail?
    I have found Resolv SE8’s for a great deal and are wondering if they translate better than the BX series. Thanks in advance!




    • Reuben Chng

      KRK Rockits are pretty popular I must say. And that gets people into trusting the brand.