How To Create Dubstep Drums & Bass Wobbles

Dubstep is undoubtedly a famous electronic music genre. Made popular again by Skrillex, an American electronic dance music producer.

So what makes Dubstep different than many other genres? Listening to a few dubstep tracks, you’ll quickly notice the syncopated drum rhythms, unusual from normal 4/4 drum rhythms we are so used to hear in electronic dance music and the wobble bass. The wobble bass is indeed what makes dubstep special.

In this video tutorial we show you how to create syncopated drum rhythms and also making the famous wobble bass when it comes to producing Dubstep. In the tutorial, a normal subtractive synth ‘Prologue’ in Cubase is used but you can very much use any other soft synths to create the dubstep bass.

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