3 Steps To Get Better At Singing

People are born with varying talents and there is no doubt about that. Some have talents in certain things and some do not. However, that does not in any way mean that you cannot make a good career if you were not born with it. The truth is that you can be anything that you want. Do you want to be that new singer on the limelight? News flash! You can actually get better in anything the same way you build your muscles in the gym. Push past your comfort zone, rest and then repeat. 

If you have always envied people who can sing, well here’s the time to envy no more. Nobody got to where they are without lots of time practicing and working on that certain subject. So here are some tips on how to get better at singing. 

Distinct Voice

First off, do not be a certain artist wannabe. It is about that time you should develop your own voice. This is important in depicting the new you not the new imitation in town. If you are asking yourself this, “can anyone learn to sing?”, basically the answer would be yes but no imitating please. Those stuff never last long. That said, nobody really dies an original. We get ideas and develop new singing styles by copying the many artists that we listen to everyday.

Learn Your Posture

Posture is probably one of the most important thing when it comes down to singing. Any singing coach would start off by correcting your posture before you even start singing. It is always recommended to stand while singing to avoid distorting your own voice. The shoulders and tongue should not be stiff but remain calm every long when singing. If you must sit on a chair, you usually sit only half of the chair while maintaining an straight upright posture.

Understand Pitch of the Sound

You can only learn the pitch of the sound if you have instruments that aid you when controlling your voice. It is always good to learn a music instrument so you can always check your pitch or sing along with it when you are practicing singing. If you need a recommendation, a piano is a great instrument. You can sing along while playing on the piano and you can easily catch your pitch using a piano. That is one way how to sing better. Understanding your pitch and taking up an instrument.

So try this 3 tips for this week and see if your pitching and singing improves.

These are only 3 tips for you to sing better. Wondering how to learn to sing better and correctly? Consider enrolling for the singing course by Alvin which is designed to help singers go from amateur to a professional in singing. Check out ‘How to Sing Like A Professional‘.

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