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[Update: 16 March 2022]

Over the years, I’ve been receiving a lot of guest post requests for Audio Mentor. Unfortunately, most of these guest posters don’t plan on adding value. Instead, they are looking for a backlink.



I don’t accept such requests. From experience, content shared by such guest posters is usually copied, spun, and blatantly does not provide any value for readers.

But, I’m a legitimate guest poster.

So you are different and looking to add value through your content?

Great! Audio Mentor has over 50k readers per month and growing. And I’m happy to share the audience with you. I also allow backlinks as well if they are relevant and provide value.

Who we reach. readers are aspiring music producers, music hobbyists, musicians, and technologists. Most of our readers are from the US, UK and Canada.

What’s really important is to understand why they are here:

  • To improve their music production ability.
  • To make the right gear purchase decisions.
  • Navigate the messy music industry.
  • To find resources for their production work.

Guest posting criterias.

I set up for aspiring music producers to find useful tutorials, product recommendations, and tips – so that they can make better music and build a better production career.

Here are some strict rules for interested guest posters:

1 – Music production, reviews, and industry-related content only.

Your content must be related to music production, music theory, gear review, and the music business. When I reject guest posts that does not relate to music production.

2 – Content types.

Most of the content should be in an article format. Having photos, step-by-step images and accompanying videos is a nice bonus. Especially with music production tutorials, visuals really help throw your point across to readers.

If you include visuals, please make sure they belong to you. Otherwise, please include links to credit the original source.

3 – Article format.

I don’t have a hard rule for the number of words for your article. I find content creators who create useful content, don’t measure their content usefulness by # of words. Also, whether you write a 800 or 8000 words article doesn’t mean either one will impact readers better.

With that said, here are some quick guidelines for articles:

  • Have an intro, body and conclusion.
  • Put in relevant SEO keywords. But no keyword stuffing please.
  • Paragraphs of no more than 250 words (to increase readability)
  • No rule on number of words. But anything below 800 words is unacceptable.

4 – Contribution Fee (Important)

At this time, I charge USD100 for a guest post. This helps me cover administrative and server costs. I think this is fair, considering the benefits you get from having your content posted on I also send a bi-weekly email to subscribers (over 2000 of them), that will include your content.

Ready to submit your article?

Is your content ready?

Click on this link to contribute USD100. Then email your content to

I take content submissions seriously. If your content is not up to par, I will reject it and return your contribution fees.

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