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Do you have a tip or some knowledge you’d like to share? Have some music, production or music business you’d like to share?

We know you’re amazing and have ideas that people like to know. Inspire someone today with your ideas or perhaps teach a tip/tut to fellow like-minded musicians and producers. Write for Audio Mentor. accepts article submission on guides, how-tos, fun stuff, trending, tips & tutorials related to music, music production & the music business.

Or go out the box and send us content that you think will be great on our blogs. It’ll be all good as long if our editors sees it to be appropriate and related.

We have to reject article submissions that are merely copied from other sites from the internet. Submission has to be original, of value and be high quality. We’ll have no choice but to reject submission which are not written from scratch and off stolen content.

What’s In It For Me?

Glad you asked, in your article we’ll link back to your website/page. This can be extremely helpful for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for your website plus our readers would also follow the links to your website to see what you have to offer.



Here are some extra guidelines for publishing:

A) Articles

Submitting an article?

  • Please have an intro, a body and a conclusion.
  • Subtitle or tease your main point – then elaborate.
  • Articles must be at least above 800 words long. This is to ensure quality and there is no exception for this.

B) Guides/Tutorials

Music, theory & production guides & tutorials are great and we generally accept them.

  • Make sure they are straight forward and avoid writing fluff.
  • Include help files, download files or videos whenever possible.
  • If you have used images, please attach the credit source.

C) Business & Money

We accept business and money talk that is related to the music industry. It doesn’t matter if its towards the independent musician or towards artists with labels, as long as it is helpful to our community of musicians/producers, it is all good!

  • Make sure you’re not promoting scams or binary systems
  • Images must look good and have publication quality.
  • If you took your images from a source online, please included a credit source.

Higher Chance of Us Approving Your Article If:

Make your article submission more attractive and we’ll approve it. Here are some extra tips

  • linking back and relating back your articles to posts on
  • submitting in .html (we’ll still accept doc or docx files).
  • standardizing the width of images at 500px, 550px or 600px only.

Your Article Is Ready?

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Good luck!

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