What Other Artists Won’t Tell You About EPKs

Have you ever tried to collaborate with another artist to boost your profile? Did that go well as you planned?

When most artists think of collaborations they don’t instinctively think of sharing their fresh ideas or their know-how with others because they feel in direct competition with them. I think you know what I mean.

The fact is that you’re not in direct competition with another artist unless they are copying every single beat, melody and even your visual brand.

This may be an almost ridiculous feat for someone to do but I’m not going to stab myself in the foot by saying there is no way you are in direct competition with another artist.

And sometimes, it feels like the whole world is in competition with you.

Everyone is in competition for attention. From the guy who is posting LOL Cats on Facebook every few hours to your ex sending you WhatsApp messages every day.




But that is what the world has come down to these days; Everyone is fighting for attention. As an artist, DJ or music producer, you’ll need more attention than ever.

Now what if there was a way to get more eyes and ears on your music? And you could do this without painfully begging people for it?

You Need An EPK (Electronic Press Kit) As An Artist


What if I told you there was a simple solution by simply creating an Electronic Press Kit. (an EPK for short). An EPK is really important and is really a must-have as an artist, DJ or even music producer.

At this point, you might think I’m crazy.  Some might even think, “Hey, I already have an Electronic Press Kit but it has never landed me any gigs.”

Well sorry to disappoint, but I would have to lay some sarcasm down pretty thick and reply, “SURPRISE!” waving jazz hands all around coupled with an irritable smirk.

News flash, an EPK is not for you to get gigs, but rather to land yourself some press.

So if you were previously thinking about using EPK solely to get gigs, that itself wouldn’t do.

Many artists understand this part but then again fail to deliver a complete EPK to a journalist.

How Would An EPK Really Help You As An Aspiring DJ or Artist?

Let me explain.

I’ll use Flipping Sock Rabbit as an example. Let’s say in this scenario, Flipping Sock Rabbit is an aspiring DJ on his way making it into the electronic industry.

Flipping Sock Rabbit asks a blogger or a journalist to write a write up about his release or his music.

Now the journalist or blogger will be at a lost on actually crafting a good and engaging write-up for Flipping Sock Rabbit. That’s because the journalist has no information about Flipping Sock Rabbit. No links to music plays, video previews, biography and let alone no album cover to actually feature in the write up in the magazine or column.

Electronic-Press-Kit-EPKThrough my experience in the industry, I can confirm that no journalist is going to take more time out his or her busy schedule to look for information about you or your band. As someone who yearns for publicity and hype, you’ll have to package your information and presentation up.

Now rewind a little and imagine. What if Flipping Sock Rabbit has provided the journalist with a convenient Electronic Press Kit (EPK) that contains all the photos, information, videos, galleries, music, artist biography and art covers?

No brainer, the journalist would opt in for a much easier job when given all the information and materials needed to craft a good write up.

Now it seems like you better be ready with an EPK as an aspiring artist or DJ, does it?

So why many artists never told you about having an EPK?

Back to that question. Do you think it’s because they don’t know the importance about having an EPK or  it’s just simply because they don’t want you to get ahead?

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Casie Lane


Casie Lane is an American DJ based in southeast Asia and CEO of The Deejaypreneur, a company dedicated to helping DJs and electronic music artists around the globe turn their craft into a real business.


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