5 Reasons It’s Awesome to Make Video Game Music Professionally

This article is a guest post written by Tom Bagstevold on behalf of MIDI Lifestyle.  Hi! My name is Tom Bagstevold, and I’m a sound designer and game designer from Oslo, Norway. I’ve worked in sound design and music production for video games for several years now, both as part of my studies, as part […]

10 Music Trends of 2015 That Would Freak Marty McFly Out

On this day (October 21, 2015) in “Back to the Future 2,” Mr. Marty McFly arrives to the future. We all know that young Marty is a rock ‘n’ rollin’ man, a guitarist, and a fan of the likes of Chuck Berry and Eddie Van Halen. So if he arrived to 2015, what would his […]

Right Formats For Video Work

Choosing The Right Format For Your Video Work.

You have finished your edit, inserted the music and all ready to export. You click on the export button and a whole list of video codec pop up. You are sitting there going through the list wishing you know what is the difference between each codec and which one should I choose? Worry no more. […]