Don’t Get Fooled By Sound Proofing Foam!

I recently saw this post on Facebook, advertising ‘wall sound proof’ foam. Many people believe that buying this would be the solution of sound proofing their room,  but is it? Don’t Get Fooled Now with all due respect to the advertiser, this is false advertising. Maybe he or she had overlook the way the advert […]

How Fast Do You Produce Music?

How Many Minutes of Finished Music Can You Finish A Day?

Do you know your speed of writing music? Is your writing speed too slow to keep up with current music industry and costing you more money instead? Last week I attended a google hangout hosted by Tom Holkenberg or also musically known as Junkie XL. In the hangout he talked about how he wrote the […]

Free Loops & Samples

10 Sites To Get Free Audio Loops & Samples

You might be an all original-er but it’s undeniably true that loops and samples can give amazing ideas and become the foundation of a track. But what happens if you grow bored of the loops and samples that came with your DAW? Time to look for some new fresh loops and here is 10 websites […]

YouTube Musician Monetization Webinar

You’re Invited: To join the ‘Youtube Musician Monetization Webinar’ hosted by Audio Mentor! It’s a special 30-mins webinar where you’ll learn how to monetize with your music on YouTube and start a profitable and sustainable music career on the internet in 2014. YouTube has proved that it could make anyone famous instantly when it comes […]

Introducing The Ultimate Snare Sample Pack

” I have a dream” one of the most heard quote by one of the most influential man of all time, Martin Luther King Jr. In Audio Mentor, we too have dreams and so does everyone else. We want to help young musicians out there to create their own masterpiece and share it to the […]

Make your drums punchy & powerful

Make Your Drum Snares Fatter & Punchy (Video)

Snares and claps exists in nearly every piece of music you hear. Okay, maybe not the single acoustic or acapella songs, but you have to agree the snare drum plays a very big role in driving the feel of many many music pieces. In this tutorial we will look at making your snares sounding punchy […]