Your Musician Website..Now!

Your Musician Website….Now! Workshop

Musician? [pull_quote align=”right”]Sell your music, merchandise, create gigs & events plus showcase your gallery with a website[/pull_quote]What is a website to you? If you are a musician, you definitely need a website. In fact, everyone needs a website these days. A website is like your name card. And as a musician, it becomes even more […]

Logic Pro X Out

Logic Pro X is Finally Announced!

Apple have finally announced the launch of the much anticipated update, Logic Pro X, well the next generation version of its professional audio software so they say. Take a look at the images and you’ll find that the biggest change to it is that it is purposely made to be accessible and easy to understand. […]

No Sound in Other Apps With Studio One

Fix: No Sound in Studio One

All ready to produce on Studio One then suddenly you found out when Studio One is on, you have no sound in other programs? Well, here’s a fix I launched Studio One the other day, loaded up a Grand Piano and was ready to look at some online tutorials to start practicing. Suddenly, there was […]

How to create audio loops in Studio One

Creating Audio Loops in Studio One

Using audio loops in music production is very common these days and we all use them. Audio loops can be sliced, mixed, reversed and basically effected with any audio effects or plugins effects you can think off. They’re versatile and fast to start with when producing music. However, sometimes when we import a 3rd party […]

Computer Music Class

What A Blast! Computer Music Workshop KL

It was an interesting and fun weekend with the group at the Computer Music & Business Workshop KL last weekend! Meeting some of the members together with some new faces in the workshop was fun. It’s a wonder too to find out that many of the participants have professional working backgrounds but have really strong […]

Webinar Schedule - Audio Mentor June 13

Webinar Schedules – June ’13

Howdy members! We’re glad to bring back the webinars this month which will result in more effective learning for all of us. This month we will go through rock & dance music production along with some email marketing lessons. So best get your DAWs all set up and your email marketing platform, (we recommend Mailchimp, because […]

Audio Favors - Marketplace for the audio industry

Introducing Audio Favors – The audio industry marketplace

Hello everyone! I would like to introduce to you Audio Favors! What is Audio Favors? Well, it’s an exciting marketplace where the services offered is related to the audio industry market. What’s even more exciting is that you can post your services up for any price. You get to take charge of how much you […]

Computer Music Production Workshop

Computer Music Production & Business Workshop in KL

  I’m really excited to announce that we will be holding a computer music production & business workshop in KL on Saturday, 1st of June, 2013. To be exact, we’re holding it at Sunway Mentari in in Sunway, Petaling Jaya. It would be the first kind of music production workshop in Malaysia where we will […]

How to make white noise riser

How To Make White Noise Risers

I receive lots of questions every week and in this week I’d like to feature one of them, ‘How To Make White Noise Risers’. Making white noise risers are easier than what you think. It may be different across different DAWs, but the concepts remains the same. What You’ll Need A DAW – Logic, Cubase, […]