7 Tips To Remember When You Buy Your First Acoustic Guitar

Are you enchanted by the sweet caressing sounds of finger picking? Do you long to learn how to strum and play those crisp bright chords that mark the intro to Hotel California or woo the partner  of your dreams with your crooning voice as you play Wonderful Tonight by Eric Clapton. Maybe you’re into pop […]

Getting Started : Your First Recording Project

So you’ve spent your fair share of time writing songs, you’re fluent with your songs, you’ve been playing them at shows and you know your arrangements (or not). Time to take your next step to superstardom and record that album or EP that’s going to launch your career out of this world! Label execs will […]

Choosing Your DAW for MIDI Composing

DAW is short for Digital Audio Workstation. It’s basically an audio & music software made for music production on your computer. It’s a recording system made to record and produce music. Your computer would be the hardware needed to run your DAW. Here’s an advice, try using a DAW that runs on both the major computer […]

Choosing A MIDI Controller That Works For You

Our main objective in choosing a MIDI controller is one that you can rely and make great music on. Most MIDI controllers connects to your computer/laptop via a USB cable. There are some MIDI controllers that connects to your computer wirelessly with Bluetooth or the Internet, but my advice is to stay away from those […]

Quickstart Guide To MIDI Composing

MIDI composing isn’t new anymore and has been the norm for sometime now. Most of us use a computer to compose music now and that wasn’t possible until the invention of MIDI. As of now, MIDI is being utilized by most music producers, DJs, film scorers and musicians. MIDI stands for Musical Instruments Digital Interface. […]

Top 5 Budget USB Microphones For Your Home Studio

I generally thought USB microphones was a waste of money until I went into screencasting. USB microphones despite being only usable with a computer can be pretty handy when it comes to recording quick voice recordings. Of course having a dedicated audio interface and an XLR microphone beats the purpose of having a USB microphone. However […]

Audio Interface Basics – What Is It & Why You’ll Need It

What Is An Audio Interface As it name states, an audio interface is a device to connect your microphones, guitar, keyboard, and other audio sources to your computer. Think of it as a device for analog and digital to match-make. It works both ways, where it turns analog signals into digital and digital signals into […]

Pop filter mic technique

What Is A Pop Filter & Why You Should Use Them

What is a pop filter for? You probably see them in most of the youtube videos you watch, especially the videos that belong to home recording musicians and singers. Being in the recording studio industry for some time now, I was surprised when I had a client who wanted a pop filter because he thought […]