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5 Tips For Success In Your Home Recording Studio

Tell your family you’re thinking of starting your home recording studio and I’m sure you’ll get those bewildered stares. Are you serious? Can you survive in the music recording business? That are just two of the endless questions and doubts you’ll get from your family and friends. I’ve been there. I finished high school and […]

Headlines Hacks For Emails & Content Writing

Writing email headlines and content titles that works are part of successful blogging. This includes you, musicians and producers. I believe everyone in different industries should blog about their services and what they do. When you share knowledge and ideas, you attract people towards your music and brand. There’s a problem though. As you go […]

A Motivation For Success

Are there times when you feel totally lazy and off the bat. Your mind and hands refuse to move and you just feel like lazing the day off. I do get that sometimes and when I do, I stop what I’m doing and try get some motivation in. Well here’s a video I always watch […]

10 Tips For Your Music Career

We’re nearing four weeks into the new year and you must be pumped up this year. Well here is 10 tips that will further pump you up to advance in your music career. 1. Don’t procrastinate. Just do it Just do it. The way to get something done is to get started with it. As […]

how to charge for music composing

How much should I charge for composing music?

No matter what composition or production job it is for, a short film, feature film, for an artist or a band. It’s usually the toughest question. What if you charged too much or too little? What will the client say when they open up your estimate to see a crazy figure? Now if you’re like […]

How to save money in the studio

How To Save Money In The Studio

I recently spoke to a friend who runs a jamming studio. You might scoff at the price per hour charge at the jamming studio but really, there are lots of cost involved when you run a studio. Studio equipments and music gear are expensive and they do break from time to time. The thought of […]

Become A Better Business Person

Become A Better Business Person

“Business has only two functions – marketing & innovation”. Quoted by Milan Kundera and tweeted about by Aweber just very recently. Do you agree with the quote? I do agree with Kundera, that many businesses do lots marketing and keep striving for innovation. After all, sales comes after that and sales are what makes businesses run. […]

Logic Pro - The Long Wait

Industry Talk – The Long Wait for DAW Softwares

Do good things usually come to those who wait? I’d like to agree with that, however I would say the world we are living in now is moving at a rate too fast. You simply can’t wait. Logic X & Bitwig Studio Many of you know that I’m a Logic user before I did the […]

How Do You Handle Money?

6 Do & Don’ts Coping With The Money as an Artist

Coping With Money as a Producer or Artist Even in these bad economy times, It is still possible to make money from music. After all, music never dies and entertainment is always needed by our mere human race. Here is 6 Dos and Don’ts when you earned some money! Do’s Stay Clear From Debts Every […]