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5 Tips on What To Do In a Music Shop

1. Take Your Time. Take your time. Take all the time you need. You are investing your limited financial resources into a piece of equipment which will eventually pay for itself and even help you profit if you’re a working musician. Never let scare tactics like “This is the last model!” or “I’ll only offer […]

9 Things to Consider When Launching an EP

Probably the most nerve-wrecking bit about being an independent musician is finally pushing out that EP you’ve been working on for a long, long time. How will people respond to your work as a whole? How can you, as the maker and seller of your own music, ensure that people will know about the EP […]

Why Music Producers Should Sign Up With Adrev Now

Music piracy has been going on for as long as you know it. What’s worse is people using music which they didn’t pay license for and yet monetizing with it on platforms like YouTube. If you’re a music producer who have been in the industry long enough, you’ll know that royalties (aside public performances) is […]

What Other Artists Won’t Tell You About EPKs

Have you ever tried to collaborate with another artist to boost your profile? Did that go well as you planned? When most artists think of collaborations they don’t instinctively think of sharing their fresh ideas or their know-how with others because they feel in direct competition with them. I think you know what I mean. The fact […]

5 Tips For Success In Your Home Recording Studio

Tell your family you’re thinking of starting your home recording studio and I’m sure you’ll get those bewildered stares. Are you serious? Can you survive in the music recording business? That are just two of the endless questions and doubts you’ll get from your family and friends. I’ve been there. I finished high school and […]

Headlines Hacks For Emails & Content Writing

Writing email headlines and content titles that work are part of successful blogging. This includes you, musicians, and producers. I believe everyone in different industries should blog about their services and what they do. When you share knowledge and ideas, you attract people to your music and brand. There’s a problem though. As you go […]

A Motivation For Success

Are there times when you feel totally lazy and off the bat. Your mind and hands refuse to move and you just feel like lazing the day off. I do get that sometimes and when I do, I stop what I’m doing and try get some motivation in. Well here’s a video I always watch […]

10 Tips For Your Music Career

We’re nearing four weeks into the new year and you must be pumped up this year. Well here is 10 tips that will further pump you up to advance in your music career. 1. Don’t procrastinate. Just do it Just do it. The way to get something done is to get started with it. As […]