The Science Behind ASMR Music Producers Should Know

Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR) is a phenomenon that is quite difficult to explain. Basically, this is a kind of sensation similar to a sexual one. It occurs when people are listening to ASMR music. However, not all genres of music can trigger this process and not all people are prone to having this pleasure […]

8 New Year Resolutions Towards Being A Better Producer

New year, new you? Okay, we’re tired about such posts on Facebook and Instagram. Let’s talk about some real resolutions you can make as a music producer who’s hustling in the very crazy music industry. The problem with many resolutions is they are set too far beyond reach that people eventually give up on them. […]

Music Practice Sessions: Are They Doing You Any Good?

Practicing is a good habit. It’s similar to training a particular skill to achieve on a musical instrument, but what is a good practice session? This can range from your own skills, to the people you will be playing music with, or the people you will be working with. Age, or specifically, points of time […]

What Is ‘Hammer Touch’ & Why Should You Care?

Ever wondered what ‘hammer touch’ is, what it does, why you should care and how it really affect your playing? What is hammer action keys with touch response as it has been always advertised mean? How A Piano Really Works What happens when you hit a key on the piano? As a kid I’ve always been told […]

Top 10 Audio Interfaces 2015

Top 10 Best Audio Interfaces in Early 2015

If you make music from your computer, you’ll definitely need an audio interface. An audio interface is a must when you need lower latency, better audio quality, do recording and more options to record. Walk into the music store and you’ll be greeted by sales people who would push you all sorts of audio interfaces […]

10 Ways To Improve Your Production For 2015

Year 2015 is here. Make improving your music production skills your new year resolution with this 10 ways.   1 – Learn How To Use Compressor Seriously Compressors are often taken for granted. No, you can’t just push and twist knobs around randomly hoping to get a great sound. For this year, take up the challenge […]

How To Order Tracks for Car MP3 Players

I recently produced some audio guides for a tour company who wanted to play them in their tour vans when bring tourists about. It was a fun project that made me learn about the many historical places we have here in Penang. Anyway, the audio guides were stored as mp3 on a thumb drive and […]

May The Month For Recording

Its May! Near the mid year when flowers start to blossom and we celebrate mother’s day. Flowers and mothers aside, it’s also the month where you should reflect back on what you accomplished the past 5 months and renew your goals. Should you start working on your recordings this month? If you have been procrastinating […]

Don’t Get Fooled By Sound Proofing Foam!

I recently saw this post on Facebook, advertising ‘wall sound proof’ foam. Many people believe that buying this would be the solution of sound proofing their room,  but is it? Don’t Get Fooled Now with all due respect to the advertiser, this is false advertising. Maybe he or she had overlook the way the advert […]