How To Order Tracks for Car MP3 Players

I recently produced some audio guides for a tour company that wanted to play them in their tour vans when bringing tourists about. It was a fun project that made me learn about the many historical places we have here in Penang. Anyway, the audio guides were stored as mp3 on a thumb drive and […]

May The Month For Recording

Its May! Near the mid year when flowers start to blossom and we celebrate mother’s day. Flowers and mothers aside, it’s also the month where you should reflect back on what you accomplished the past 5 months and renew your goals. Should you start working on your recordings this month? If you have been procrastinating […]

Don’t Get Fooled By Sound Proofing Foam!

I recently saw this post on Facebook, advertising ‘wall sound proof’ foam. Many people believe that buying this would be the solution of sound proofing their room,  but is it? Don’t Get Fooled Now with all due respect to the advertiser, this is false advertising. Maybe he or she had overlook the way the advert […]

How To Access The Course

Confused about how to access the course after purchasing them? Here’s a simple info graphic showing you how to exact the courses. (apolgies for the amateur design!) Happy learning! Let me know if you have questions, contact me via the contact page and I’ll be there to help!

Are You A Gear Copycat?

A gear copycat is someone who has to get the EXACT same gears that his or her idol are using. Or at least that’s just a term I coined up to write this article. Recently I’ve been getting lots of inquiries that sounds like this; ‘Hey Reuben, you know that microphone that MR XXXXX is […]

Mini Meetup @ Shhh Listen! Acoustic Showcase

We’re gathering up to support one of our members, Fong Shelhiel who will be performing in a Showcase alongside other musicians in the Shh Listen! event. It’s been sometime since we have met and run workshops, so to kick off a series of scheduled meetups and workshop, I’m holding a mini meetup itself during the […]

Free Loops & Samples

10 Sites To Get Free Audio Loops & Samples

You might be an all original-er but it’s undeniably true that loops and samples can give amazing ideas and become the foundation of a track. But what happens if you grow bored of the loops and samples that came with your DAW? Time to look for some new fresh loops and here is 10 websites […]

Introducing The Ultimate Snare Sample Pack

” I have a dream” one of the most heard quote by one of the most influential man of all time, Martin Luther King Jr. In Audio Mentor, we too have dreams and so does everyone else. We want to help young musicians out there to create their own masterpiece and share it to the […]

How to Sign Up as an Audio Mentor Affiliate

We have decided that good things comes to those who wait. Therefore we would like to express our gratitude by giving back to our loyal followers through our affiliate program. You will get 30% of any purchase made by your friend or anyone who used your link to buy any of our products.That sounds like […]