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Whoosh Machine VST Review, Video & Download

Last week I got my hands on Whoosh Machine, a kontakt instrument developed by Sonic Faction that creates the risers, downrisers and noise that we so often use in electronic music. I found it to be pretty amazing – you can now create risers easily with correctly timed lengths and even dial up a knob […]

Headlines Hacks For Emails & Content Writing

Writing email headlines and content titles that works are part of successful blogging. This includes you, musicians and producers. I believe everyone in different industries should blog about their services and what they do. When you share knowledge and ideas, you attract people towards your music and brand. There’s a problem though. As you go […]

808 Kick Drum Sample

Creating The 808 Kick Drum With Massive

I’ve been getting a few requests lately on how to create 808 kicks, so I thought I’ll do a short tutorial it. It’s really not hard to create a solid sounding 808 sample, so here we go. Watch the video here:   Download 808 Kick Samples & Massive Presets Here Download my special sample pack […]


It’s amazing how MIDI existed, eveolved and has brought music making to a different level.   Then there are some people who simply have to exploit MIDI. Watch the video [fbvideo link=”https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=814019401984751&set=vb.398545810198781&type=2&theater” width=”640″ height=”450″ onlyvideo=”0″]   Saw this on Faebook the other day & thought it was funny to share this. Watch this and you’ll […]

DSLRtakes good videos, but the in-built microphone is a nightmare for interviews

The Definitive Guide To Removing Noise From Audio

Did some audio recording and ended up having a noisy recording? You might still be able to save the audio with these restoration techniques, so don’t throw that audio away yet. Perhaps you had a video recorded and the audio is so noisy that you are looking for how to remove noise from the video. In […]

People have been asking why I made the switch

What Computer Should You Buy For Music Production

You’ll be amazed to hear the music quality recorded from home recording studios. That being said, should you go for a Windows PC or a Mac? There is a war going on because of this subject itself, but having produced on a Mac & Windows before, let me give you my insights. Should You Buy A Mac? […]

Reduce by about -4dB | De Essing How To

What Is A De Esser & De-esing Like A Pro

Knowing what a de esser is and how to use it can make your production shine. You’ll hear these types of amateur-ish sonding music a lot. No matter how good your mix sounds, the entire mix can be spoilt with those annoying ‘s’ sibilance, usually in vocal tracks. What’s Sibilance Really? Sibilance is the hissing […]

Voice Meeter - Great tool for screencasting

[Resolved] Screencasting Your Windows DAW with ASIO

Making a screencast of your DAW on a Mac is pretty easy. However recording a DAW screencast on Windows DAW is a nightmare. I finally found a way to record screen cast my DAW on Windows with ASIO. I’ve done my homework. There is NO screencasting software on Windows that can record ASIO right from […]

What Is ‘Hammer Touch’ & Why Should You Care?

Ever wondered what ‘hammer touch’ is, what it does, why you should care and how it really affect your playing? What is hammer action keys with touch response as it has been always advertised mean? How A Piano Really Works What happens when you hit a key on the piano? As a kid I’ve always been told […]