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5 Tips To Remember When Buying Your First Electric Guitar

So you’ve fallen in love with the sweet creamy tones of Slash’s Les paul or feel yourself getting high off the fuzzy twangs of Hendrix’s masterful playing. It’s time to get an electric guitar. But before you realise rockstars are not born over night here’s what you need to know when buying your first electric […]

Chapter One of White Canvas Arrives!

Last Saturday, Penang was witness to the first chapter of the White Canvas Music in Art expose of local arts at Talk Talk Wine Bar. White Canvas is an event designed to showcase the talents of local artists. The venue of choice being Talk Talk wine bar, it’s been a while since the fun people […]

Recording MIDI On Your DAW Software

This series is a continuation from the past post on guide to choosing your midi controller from the guide on Composing Music With MIDI. This lesson, you’ll learn how to start writing & recording MIDI notes into your computer. Make Sure Your DAW Know Where To Receive MIDI Data From Most major DAWs will detect your […]

Getting Started : Writing Your First Song

So you’ve decided to try your hand at song writing eh? Are you the emotional teen trying to make sense of what they’re feeling or the smitten lover scribbling ballads of eternal love? Maybe  you’re the jaded 20-something that’s found a cause you want to fight for, either way you’ve decide to embark on an […]

7 Tips To Remember When You Buy Your First Acoustic Guitar

Are you enchanted by the sweet caressing sounds of finger picking? Do you long to learn how to strum and play those crisp bright chords that mark the intro to Hotel California or woo the partner  of your dreams with your crooning voice as you play Wonderful Tonight by Eric Clapton. Maybe you’re into pop […]

I Played An Awesome Show No One Came To

So you played an awesome show the other day which would have rocked the faces of anyone who came to see you, except that’s the problem. No one came to see you. You’re feeling annoyed, frustrated, under-appreciated and like you just wasted all that time spent practicing for this show and the effort you put […]

Top 5 MIDI Controllers For Ableton Live

Looking for the best Ableton controller can be difficult at times with the many types of MIDI controllers that exists in the market. As an Ableton user, your workflow would be a little different compared to using other DAWs as you’ll be primarily triggering clips and mixing live. That being said while there are many DAW […]

I Hate My Band, I’m Going Solo!

            That’s it! Your drummer never stops playing which makes it almost impossible to talk to anyone during practice, your bassist can’t actually play bass and all your guitarist does is tune their guitar before, after and sometimes during songs. No one ever arrives for practice on time and you have […]