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The Undiscovered Potential in.. You

Producing, writing, composing, arranging, and performing music isn’t that hard. There’s a couple of things you need to keep in mind, but maybe the following might help you achieve what you need to. We know that everybody is unique in their own ways, the following points are areas that I found challenging when I was in the […]

Choosing Your DAW for MIDI Composing

DAW is short for Digital Audio Workstation. It’s basically an audio & music software made for music production on your computer. It’s a recording system made to record and produce music. Your computer would be the hardware needed to run your DAW. Here’s an advice, try using a DAW that runs on both the major computer […]

Five Best Headphones for Music Production on a Budget

Want to produce good music but constantly hit by not being able to monitor accurately? When I first started out I had two main setbacks. I was mixing & producing music in an untreated room. (My bedroom to be exact) I couldn’t afford good studio monitors With these two setbacks I had early on, I […]

Choosing A MIDI Controller That Works For You

Our main objective in choosing a MIDI controller is one that you can rely and make great music on. Most MIDI controllers connects to your computer/laptop via a USB cable. There are some MIDI controllers that connects to your computer wirelessly with Bluetooth or the Internet, but my advice is to stay away from those […]

Quickstart Guide To MIDI Composing

MIDI composing isn’t new anymore and has been the norm for sometime now. Most of us use a computer to compose music now and that wasn’t possible until the invention of MIDI. As of now, MIDI is being utilized by most music producers, DJs, film scorers and musicians. MIDI stands for Musical Instruments Digital Interface. […]

Why You Should Never Buy Beats For Music Production

Beats are, without a doubt, one of the largest headphone brands in the world. As a result, many people default to them when it comes to purchasing headphones. After all, a big name and a big price, can’t go far wrong, right? Well, yes, you can. You see, Beats are a brand. When you buy […]

Composing Good Music

What is better then a good piece of music you can enjoy? Many of us cannot live without music, it’s a fact that most humans seek music as food for the soul and some of us just enjoy listening to it. Then there are some of us who likes weird music. The point is music […]

Interview With Singer-Songwriter, Daniel C

We got the chance to get chart topping singer-songwriter Daniel C in the studio for an un-stripped & honest interview to learn about how he became a singer-songwriter, his creative process and how he got signed by Tonium UK. Watch his interview or if you prefer, read the interview instead below.   Tell us about how you got […]

9 Things to Consider When Launching an EP

Probably the most nerve-wrecking bit about being an independent musician is finally pushing out that EP you’ve been working on for a long, long time. How will people respond to your work as a whole? How can you, as the maker and seller of your own music, ensure that people will know about the EP […]