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I Hate My Band, I’m Going Solo!

            That’s it! Your drummer never stops playing which makes it almost impossible to talk to anyone during practice, your bassist can’t actually play bass and all your guitarist does is tune their guitar before, after and sometimes during songs. No one ever arrives for practice on time and you have […]

Music Practice Sessions: Are They Doing You Any Good?

Practicing is a good habit. It’s similar to training a particular skill to achieve on a musical instrument, but what is a good practice session? This can range from your own skills, to the people you will be playing music with, or the people you will be working with. Age, or specifically, points of time […]

Getting Started : Your First Recording Project

So you’ve spent your fair share of time writing songs, you’re fluent with your songs, you’ve been playing them at shows and you know your arrangements (or not). Time to take your next step to superstardom and record that album or EP that’s going to launch your career out of this world! Label execs will […]

Review: BLOQ Vintage Synth by Sample Magic

Buying vintage synthesizers and drum machines these days can be very expensive. It’s also a lot like betting on your purchases as many of us buy vintage gear over the internet without testing it out. The frustrations of having to look and audition samples from classic synthesizers can take a long time and be harmful […]

The Undiscovered Potential in.. You

Producing, writing, composing, arranging, and performing music isn’t that hard. There’s a couple of things you need to keep in mind, but maybe the following might help you achieve what you need to. We know that everybody is unique in their own ways, the following points are areas that I found challenging when I was in the […]

Choosing Your DAW for MIDI Composing

DAW is short for Digital Audio Workstation. It’s basically an audio & music software made for music production on your computer. It’s a recording system made to record and produce music. Your computer would be the hardware needed to run your DAW. Here’s an advice, try using a DAW that runs on both the major computer […]

Five Best Headphones for Music Production on a Budget

Want to produce good music but constantly hit by not being able to monitor accurately? When I first started out I had two main setbacks. I was mixing & producing music in an untreated room. (My bedroom to be exact) I couldn’t afford good studio monitors With these two setbacks I had early on, I […]

Choosing A MIDI Controller That Works For You

Our main objective in choosing a MIDI controller is one that you can rely and make great music on. Most MIDI controllers connects to your computer/laptop via a USB cable. There are some MIDI controllers that connects to your computer wirelessly with Bluetooth or the Internet, but my advice is to stay away from those […]