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Build Your Musician Website Now

Webinar Replay: How To Build Your Musician Website

I spent some great time putting the materials for the webinar together and then presenting the webinar on building musician websites. Having your own website whether you are a musician or not, is more like a must these days. There are so much information being passed around these days and one truly effective way to […]

Learn how to build your website & sell music

Free Webinar: How To Build A Website & Sell Music

Learn how to build your own professional website and then sell your music. All you need to do is just register in the link below for free and then watch the webinar on Friday 9pm – 10pm. Please register for How To Build Your Own Website & Sell Your Music on Sep 13, 2013 9:00 PM SGT […]

Pop filter mic technique

What Is A Pop Filter & Why You Should Use Them

What is a pop filter for? You probably see them in most of the youtube videos you watch, especially the videos that belong to home recording musicians and singers. Being in the recording studio industry for some time now, I was surprised when I had a client who wanted a pop filter because he thought […]

Samson Graphite

Review: Samson Graphite 49 & Graphite 25 Midi Controller

We took  I liking for the Graphite 49 and the Graphite 25 midi controller series. Why? Well because they come with lots of features at a very affordable price. I bet you’ll never find a midi controller with this excellent build at this price. Video Review: The Graphite 49 & Graphite 25 Why You Should […]

Will Just Any Sustain Pedal Work with my Keyboard?

I recently got a question from one of my subscriber on You Tube. He asked what sustain pedal I was using with the Samson Carbon 49. Well he was afraid to purchase a ‘wrong’ sustain pedal to work with his keyboard. So would any sustain pedal just work? The answer is yes. The video from […]

SMX in Berjaya Times Square

Why Buy A Workstation?

I was in KL yesterday and I headed to SMX in Berjaya Times Square. It’s always nice looking at new music production gears in the store, being able to put your hands on them and try them all out. And as usual, it’ll take some time before I leave the store. There weren’t any mixers […]

Logic Studio - Cranked to X

Review: Logic Pro X

I’ve been using Logic Pro since when it was Logic 7 and its nice to see updates especially after a very long one – what? four years? Logic Pro X had quite an overhaul and you might be wondering if you’d take it for a spin or not. And so, I’m here you give you […]

Your Musician Website..Now!

Your Musician Website….Now! Workshop

Musician? [pull_quote align=”right”]Sell your music, merchandise, create gigs & events plus showcase your gallery with a website[/pull_quote]What is a website to you? If you are a musician, you definitely need a website. In fact, everyone needs a website these days. A website is like your name card. And as a musician, it becomes even more […]

Logic Pro X Out

Logic Pro X is Finally Announced!

Apple have finally announced the launch of the much anticipated update, Logic Pro X, well the next generation version of its professional audio software so they say. Take a look at the images and you’ll find that the biggest change to it is that it is purposely made to be accessible and easy to understand. […]