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Getting Started : How To Tune A Guitar

We’re going to start of with tuning your guitar in Standard Tuning which is probably what you’re used to. First off you’re going to need to know the keys of each string, they are as shown below. E———————Thickest string A——————— D——————— G——————— B——————— E———————Thinnest string Committing this to your memory is essential as you might […]

5 Must Have Electric Guitar Effect Pedals

As a guitarists we often find ourselves spending our money on tonnes and tonnes of gear. One of the things we spend our money on the most is pedals. So here’s a short list of must have pedals for my fellow guitarists out there. Disclaimer : The importance of the pedals on this list are […]

35 Mixing Tips To Improve Your Production

Producers never seem to have enough tips when it comes to mixing music. There are so many ways to mix and yet there are so many types of music genres that demands different types of mixing techniques. So we went out and asked a few of our friends, who were industry mixing engineers and music […]

Samson sr850 audio mentor

Review: Samson SR850 – On A Low Budget?

A review on the Samson SR850 studio headphones, a clone of the Superlux HD668B . Priced at only $49.90 will the Samson SR850 be able to save your mixes in the studio? First off, I want to admit that I’m a producer who doesn’t like using headphones. I understand the benefits of using headphones in […]

Getting Started : Supporting Your Local Music Scene

I’ve been neglected the Getting Started series for a while but now I’m back! A lot of times here in Malaysia I’ve been asked about our local scene. “How is the local scene here?” “Are local musicians any good?” “Hmm..I haven’t heard of them” “Why don’t we just hire Filipinos and be done with it?” No offence […]

10 Music Trends of 2015 That Would Freak Marty McFly Out

On this day (October 21, 2015) in “Back to the Future 2,” Mr. Marty McFly arrives to the future. We all know that young Marty is a rock ‘n’ rollin’ man, a guitarist, and a fan of the likes of Chuck Berry and Eddie Van Halen. So if he arrived to 2015, what would his […]