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The Pros & Cons of Being a Musical Duo

Better to go solo musician, go duo, or start a music band? As you start making music, composing songs, and producing, this is a question that would inevitably pop up in your mind. Turns out there are pros and cons to the pathways you choose to go solo or as a band. In this post, […]

9 Ways To Optimizing Windows & Mac for Music Production

Working on a music production project on a slow computer can be very stressful. Imagine getting system dropouts everytime you hit play when composing. That’s an instant creative killer. In this article you will learn some tips to optimizing your Windows & Mac computer for music production. These tips may get you a small speed […]

How to Start a Website for Your Band in 5 Easy Steps

Why create a band website when you have a huge social media following and millions of subscribers on YouTube? You might ask. While the idea of having a traditional website in this age of social media might sound obsolete, a simple but well-designed band website can give you an edge in your music career and […]


Want to master music production with Cubase? Read this book.

Whether you’re a beginner trying to learn Cubase or composer trying to get your knots together with Cubase, ditch the manual and get this book. Music Production with Cubase 10 & 10.5 by Pierluigi Bontempi If you watched the Cubase’s very own quick start video series as an amateur composer or producer, you’ll get lost […]


This is how K-Pop works and how to be a part of it

In recent years K-pop has become more than just pop music from South Korea. Since 2015 there has been at least one K-pop song that got stuck for weeks in our heads as well as in top positions of Billboard chart. Thanks to such names as BTS and EXO, K-pop is now a global phenomenon […]

Staying Positive & Productive As a Music Producer During COVID-19

In the past weeks, the number of COVID-19 (Coronavirus) cases has exploded, with the world in lock-down mode. Almost every industry is affected, let alone the music & recording industry – with canceled shows, gigs, events, album launches and more. If you’re breathing and reading this, consider yourself lucky. This is not another post to […]

mixing in car

Why Do Your Final Mix in Your Car (And How to Start)

There’s nothing quite like the sensation of roaming the street on your very own set of wheels, with a groovy Anderson .Paak track to go along with it. Now imagine you’re Anderson .Paak, and you’re hearing Dang! for the first time since it was polished in the studio (sidenote – Mac Miller, you’ll never be […]